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amazon flex debit card – flex debit card

Amazon flex debit card – Amazon flex


amazon flex debit card: The Amazon Flex Debit Card is present fully for Amazon Flex delivery partners. Get your earnings to go towards with cashback on payment and no monthly maintenance fees.

Make use of the Amazon Flex Card app to secure your earnings, track your cashback, and protect your card if it gets lost or stolen. Also, you can create savings goals with Vaults – transfer funds through your available balance when got a little extra or create automatic transfers to reach your goal.

It’s simple to get money deposited onto the Amazon Flex Debit Card – just create it as you decide on your payment account in the Amazon Flex app. Move to the Amazon Flex App > Menu > Settings > Personal Information > Bank Account and input your Amazon Flex Debit Card details.


How to download the Amazon flex app

Users can download the Amazon Flex Card app, powered by Green Dot, secure their earnings, track their cash back, pause payment with Card Lock, and set aside earnings towards savings goals with Vaults.
For iPhone click on HERE to download
For Android click on HERE to download

How to apply for the amazon flex app

Users can apply for the Amazon Flex Debit Card on the Rewards Details page in the Activity Hub of the Amazon Flex app. Visit
then tap
Amazon Flex App > Menu>Activity Hub >Rewards Details.
Click the Amazon Flex Debit Card application page below the screen to begin the application process.

Amazon flex debit card fees

User Amazon Flex Debit Card account is a deposit account with no monthly maintenance fee. Users will also get 3 free ATM withdrawals per month at in-network ATMs. Also, withdrawals from in-network ATMs and all withdrawals through out-of-network ATMs will sustain a $3.00 fee per withdrawal, additional to any fee that the ATM owner or bank may charge.
Amazon flex customer helpline
or click on HERE to check for frequently asked questions
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