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Axis bank Fastag login

Axis bank Fastag login

Axis bank Fastag login – axis bank Fastag is one of the fastest new generation solutions for payment at toll plazas. This is a contactless toll collection system that let cashless payment making use of radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology.

This can let you get your FASTag from any of the Axis bank that is about 4000+ branches or maybe apply online then get it delivered to you.


Benefit of axis bank Fastag

  • It helps to Ease payment – Avoid manual cash payments for toll transactions also save time
  • It gives cash-back offer: Avail 2.5% cashback on every toll payment done by FASTag for the FY 2019-20
  • It can help in online Recharge – FASTag can also be recharged online by many modes i.e. NEFT/ IMPS/ Net banking / POS Locations
  • It Ease Tracking – regular SMS alerts can be gotten each time any transactions are be done using the tag
  • Online Portal – you can view wallet statements and raise queries


How to recharge Fastag axis

Recharge can be done to your account through adding of your money to your Fastag wallet linked to your Fastag account. You can also add money to the wallet through your credit card or debit card/ net banking, NEFT. Fastag account also can have a minimum of 1,00,000.00 Rs one lac only in any given period of time.

For online recharge

  • Click on this link for the direct page HERE
  • Choose retail road user and login
  • Move to road user center>payment and top Up>recharge


  • You will need to login to internet banking/mobile banking App
  • For the payee details input should be either wallet ID or vehicle number
  • For IFSC page input UTIB0000ETC also proceed along with the payment


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How to login axis bank Fastag

  • Go to their official website or click on HERE for the direct page
  • Input your user ID or click on the arrow facing down in the box to choose whether you are logging in with your, wallet IDVEH REG No, phone number
  • Input your password you created when registering for axis Fastag
  • Input the code shown to you in the login screen below the box of inputting your password for security reason
  • Hit on Login



How to register for axis Fastag

You will need to generate your password in some easy steps

  1. Input any details among, vehicle ID, wallet ID also with your phone number and captcha
  2. Make sure you validate yourself along with the one-time password (OTP) sent to your valid phone number you used in registering or email ID
  • To register to go to their website or click on this link HERE for the direct page
  • Input your wallet ID
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Your phone number
  • Captcha code
  • Tap on Next step to direct you to the next page, get your registration done till you are fully registered.


Axis bank Fastag contact address and phone number

If you need to forward any complaint you can make it easy by contacting 1-800-4198585 or email them at


Axis bank Fastag charges and fee

Particulars Amount (INR)
Tag Issuance fee (one time) 0/- (inclusive of taxes) *Free FASTag limited period offer
Reissuance Fees 100/- (inclusive of taxes)
Security Deposit


200/- (inclusive of taxes)


Vehicle Class Vehicle Class Description Threshold amount
4 Car / Jeep / Van 160
4 Tata Ace and Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle 160
5 Light commercial vehicle 2-axle/ Mini Bus 250
6 Bus 3-axle 500
6 Truck 3-axle 500
7 Bus 2-axle / Mini-Bus 350
7 Truck 2-axle 350
12 Tractor / Tractor with trailer 550
12 Truck 4-axle 550
12 Truck 5-axle 550
12 Truck 6-axle 550
15 Truck 7-axle and above 650
16 Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machine 550


Axis bank Fastag app

You can also make use of their app to let your stress get easy all you need to do is to click on this link HERE for iPhone app and this link HERE  andriod

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