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Bank of America NC des debit card

Bank of America NC des debit card | Des debit card | North Carolina division of employment security | Bank of America des card – NCDES


Receive and deposit unemployment benefits payment on a debit card, the card is provided by the North Carolina division of employment security. This card is very useful for claimants who don’t have a bank account, bank of America NC des debit card is secure, safe, and very easy to use to make withdrawals and purchases.

Bank of America NC des debit card will be used for all unemployment benefits paid through debit card, to receive your unemployment benefits, you will no longer get unemployment benefits through the bank of America NC des debit card after Nov. 15, Reliacrd will be used.

How to choose direct deposit for Bank of America NC des debit card

You can decide to change your payment method to direct deposit using the ” Change personal information” button in your bank of America NC des debit card online account.

How to choose U.S. bank Railcard

All debit card payments will be deposited in your U.S bank Relicards on Nov. 15., When you receive your payment by bank of America NC des debit card, and your payment method is not changed to direct deposit by Nov 1, 2021. U.S. bank ReliaCard will be received by you and instructions in the mail before Nov 15. 2021.

How to file unemployment benefits for Bank of America NC des debit card

Filing unemployment is very easy, ensure you avoid error to get your proper benefits payments, ensure you read through the instruction from bank of America NC des debit card, to know what you are responsible for and ensure you give rightful information about yourself, if you give false information, you will need to pay back benefits that you are not eligible for and you might be accused of fraud.

Ensure you file your weekly certification every week to get paid benefits, submit weekly certification after each week that you are unemployed. Report the reason why you are unemployed when filing benefits, report any money you earn when you get your benefits paid, check and register for work on NC des debit card website on for employment and training services. At the moment you start working again, stop filing your weekly certification for benefits. File your weekly benefits on or with NC des debit card mobile app. Most you can currently be paid in state unemployment benefits is $350 a week for up to 13 weeks.

How to create account

– Go to online portal or mobile app to create an account
– Input your SSN (social security number) twice.
– Tap “Next” on the “User account creation” page.
1. Sign in and create a username
2. Input your email address twice and ensure it’s valid.
3. Create a PIN number, this will be used for telephone weekly certification only.
4. Input your contact phone number that you can receive calls or texts.
5. Create 8 characters long password at least, then include an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, 1-9 number, and special character. E.g.John@67
– Tap “Create Account”“.
– Then you can sign in to your account with your username and password you created when creating NC des debit card account.

If you are notified that you already have an account, click on forgot password to recover your account, if your account is locked, your account will be unlocked in the next 30minutes, try to sign in to get your benefits to claim or call NC des to help center 888-737-0259.

What you need to know before you apply for NC des benefit

Ensure you are qualified for the unemployment benefits and meet up with criteria to receive your benefits since not everyone is qualified, fill your claim very easy having the below information.
– Social security number (SSN)
– Information of your recent employer about leaving, vacation, or severance pay you received, will be received or you are entitled to receive.
– Information about your retiring pay of monthly amount of pay along with proof.
– Bank routing number and account number if you decide your unemployment payment should be deposited into your bank account. Payment will be paid in your bank of America NC des debit card if you do not choose direct deposit.
– Work history for past two years employer name as it appears on your check stub, employer’s payroll and physical addresses, telephone number, employment dates, rate of pay, and reason for separation from each employer.

What you need to know before you apply for former federal NC des benefit

If you worked in federal employment in the past two years, Your SF-50 form, SF-8 form, pay stub, or W-2 will be needed, if you don’t have one, you can provide them later, process to file your claim.


What you need to know before you apply for Former military personnel NC des benefit

Provide your DD214, member 4 copy form when you have it available, you can as well provide it later, proceed to file your claim on Bank of America NC des debit card portal.

For stolen card contact des debit card contact service on 855 – 847 – 2026 to report complaints of your lost or stolen card for the replacement. If your North Carolina des debit card is not delivered to the post office, contact North Carolina des debit card customer care on 855-847-2026 to get your address updated and request for a new card to be mailed to you.


Contact Information For North Carolina Division of Employment Security

North Carolina Division of Employment Security Mailing address: P.O. Box 25903
Raleigh, NC 27611-5903 DES Central Office Location:

700 Wade Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605
Please note that this is a secure facility. Customers that need assistance concerning their unemployment insurance claim should contact NC des through phone or email only.

NCDES Mobile App

Check claim and payment status, check important documents and alert from NCDES, file weekly certifications for benefits with NCDES Mobile App
Available on Andriod and iOS, log in with your NCDES username and password you created when creating an account with NCD ES. Filing of new claim can’t be reopened from the app. access portal to reopen your file complaint.



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