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Becu routing number

Becu routing number

You’ll need to provide your routing number as well as your checking or savings account number when filling out a form for direct deposit, setting up an automatic payment, or even ordering checks.

The use of a routing number ensures that funds are debited or credited to the correct account. If you have a BECU account, you’ll need to know your routing number for a variety of reasons, whether you visit your local branch or primarily use BECU online banking.

325081403 – Becu routing number


What is Becu routing number?

BECU’s routing number is 325081403. Every state in the country has the same BECU routing number.

Where can I find becu routing number?

There are several methods for obtaining a BECU routing number. Because BECU only has one routing number, you can use it or follow the steps below.

You can also find your routing number on a check if you have a BECU checking account; the check routing number is the first nine numbers in the lower-left corner. If you don’t have a check on hand, you can call BECU at 800-233-2328 at any time to get your account’s routing number.

If you’re unsure which number to dial, call BECU because dialing the correct number could mean the difference between your money going into the correct or incorrect account.


What you should understand by Becu routing number

Your routing number serves as the bank’s address, whereas your account number serves as the account’s specific address. These numbers work in the same way that your BECU online banking login does: The routing number enables the banking system to process your check through the local processing department and send the information to the correct bank, which then uses your account number to debit or credit your account in the appropriate amount.
Each routing number is made up of nine digits. The first four digits are the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol, the next four are the ABA institution identifier, and the final digit is the check digit. Routing numbers are nine digits for both banks and credit unions.


What is Becu routing number used for?

Your routing number will come in handy in a number of situations, including when you’re setting up an automatic transaction that will affect your account. A copy of your voided check is frequently required by these services to ensure that the number is correct. This requirement may apply to services such as:

  • Direct deposits
  • Automatic payments
  • Tax refunds and payments
  • Automatic transfers between bank accounts
  • Mortgage payments
  • A B

Becu routing number for ACH transfer

In order to send an ACH transfer to any BECU account, you must include the ACH routing number. You’ll need the ACH routing number 325081403 to make a domestic ACH transfer.
When sending an ACH transfer to any BECU account, you’ll need to include the ACH routing number.


Is Becu routing number different?

Depending on the transaction, you’ll need a different BECU routing number. One number may be required to receive ACH transfers, while another may be required to set up automated bill payments.

A bank may have several routing numbers, but none of them are shared with other banks. This ensures that your payment reaches its intended destination.


Routing numbers use for Becu wire transfer

For domestic and international wire transfers, the routing number for BECU is 325081403. You only need the wire routing number in this table if you’re sending a domestic wire transfer.

It will be a ‘for further credit’ transfer if you are sending an international wire transfer. The funds will be forwarded to the final beneficiary through an intermediary bank. For a smooth transfer, make sure your recipient reads the FFC transfer instructions.

Here are the BECU routing numbers for wire transfers:

  • Domestic Wire Transfer ABA: 325081403
  • International Wire Transfer: 59 Beneficiary ABA: //FW325081403



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