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BIGO LIVE – Live Stream – BIGO live review

BIGO LIVE – Live Stream – BIGO live review | BIGO app download – Go Live


Go live streaming by meeting new people online and make friends becoming a celebrity of yourself, Stream live and get popular all over the world, meet old friends and new friends by going live online with good wifi connection, BIGO live app has been a life-changing app so far since 2016 and have helped a lot of users meet their old friends so far, what are you waiting for? Do you want to be a celebrity of your own? Popular streaming apps? BIGO live got your attention in getting your plan worked out.



BIGO live review

BIGO live had made a lot of people talent very popular ever since they joined BIGO live, dancers, singers, comedians, foodies, and lots of talented people out there are going live to showcase and broadcast all they can do with what they are gifted, watch BIGO live 24/7 on their app, With BIGO live you can go live gaming, live chatting, live music, house party and lot more. Go live on BIGO app and have been around the world by more than 150 countries.


BIGO live video chat

Invite friends and family to start a live video and create a chat room with 8 people on BIGO live app, not everyone is bold enough to face the crowd and not everyone has the courage to do live chat or video live chat, you can decide on using the audio voice chat that will allow you to speak instead of showing your face, audio voice chat is similar with our regular phone call that we can have the courage to make communication and voice conversation with our family friends and new friends around the world, this similar way you can allow communication interaction on BIGO live app.


BIGO live voice chat and drop-in audio chat

You can join any audio chat on BIGO app and drop in any audio chat conversations with friends you meet on BIGO live, join any topic of your choice you find interesting and make an impact in conversation and let people from the world know you through that, you can build strong friend relationship bond through meeting new people and getting better to know them through conversation. Join any listener audio chat on BIGO live app and listen to what others are supporting the motion with.


BIGO live gaming streaming

Discuss games with other game lovers on BIGO live app, lots of game lovers, game players, game genius are available on BIGO live app where you can share experience on games played so far such as Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA18, Among US, League of Legends and other interesting games and popular games are known so far, stream live with game lovers and player to know more and discuss more game. With this, make a gaming channel on BIGO live app and make game content to get more live streamers and friends on BIGO live app.


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Get support, gift, followers by showing talent and showcase what you have as a skill to show people out there what you are good at or what you can create, with going live on BIGO app, get to be a social media influencer when you don’t hide all you gifted with and you didn’t give up on your dream, get stickers and filters of your choice on BIGO live app. BIGO live app is available in 18 language



BIGO live App offer

Enjoy offers on BIGO live once you download it on your device by going live and watch trendy live streams, gaming live, Bar (share pictures, photos, video), Live player knockout (PK), live video chat & video call, enjoy all this offer when you download BIGO live app.


How to earn money with BIGO live app

Earning money on BIGO live with lots of followers and finishing your target on time to earn about $1000 a month, earn money on BIGO live app by converting the virtual gifts, popular streamer get virtual gifts from followers who send them virtual gifts, save up the gifts to change it to beans, at the time you get more popular or famous on BIGO live app,


You earn more beans, at the end of your task, beans can be converted to money then deposited in your account, the exchange rate of beans is 210, this costs $1, try to get more viewers to earn more money.


Go live all-time on BIGO live app, to earn gifts requires going live on BIGO app, stay live for 5-10 minutes, the more you go live and poplar, people keep waiting till when next you show up on BIGO live app, ensure you don’t disappear and be active as possible as you can.


Give special content on BIGO live app that makes you different from other streamers, just get something new to create, lots of users want new things, through this you get many viewers and go viral or popular.


Don’t request gifts from your viewers, they will guess you after the gifts, answer their questions, ensure you do something different to impress them, they will support you with diamonds.


Go live on BIGO live app with a quality phone that shows better views of you and does not blur video, if your viewers don’t get a clear video of you, they will decide to stop streaming what you doing. Earn money and get popular, ever since the pandemic and COVID-19, lots of people lost their jobs, they get it hard to survive as well, earn money on BIGO live and stream live with BIGO live app.


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How to delete Account from BIGO live app

If you decide to change your mind about creating a new account because you have been scammed on your old account and you still log in to it, or you are tired of BIGO live app, Or your account was hacked and you are still active on the app, you can delete your account, or your BIGO live account was banned with step below

  • Go to your BIGO live app and log in to your account.
  • Go to your settings, tap on “Feedback”.
  • In the “help & feedback”, tap on “Account”, where you see “how to delete my BIGO account”.
  • Tap on “I want to delete my account, complete the step then check for account delete conditions.
  • Tap on ” Delete account”.


How much are diamonds on BIGO

To earn $1000, streamer will receive 158,730 beans which are 155,555 diamonds worth of gift, one diamond worth $0.3474, then 155, 555 diamonds total is $5,403.90 as calculated.


Download BIGO live app from your play store on your iOS device and your Google play store for your android device.


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