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buy crypto with debit card

Buy crypto with debit card: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card

Are you trying to buy bitcoin and other crypto coins with your debit card? let get started in explaining what bitcoin is about even if most people know it. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptos and is widely used for trading and exchange of value in the digital realm through mechanisms to reach a certain goal.

Bitcoin is now used for trading all over the globe to set up a volume of tens of billions of dollars. Bitcoin has been legalized in some countries currency with different levels of restrictions.

How bitcoin exchange works

Exchanges in bitcoin are what matches buyers with sellers, Bitcoin exchange includes Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance where trading of lots of cryptocurrencies is done similarly with trading stocks such as Robinhood, TD, Charles Schwab, that match buyer, and sellers.

How to buy bitcoin

– Go to your google play store or App Store and download apps for bitcoins, such as Binance, Blockchain, Capital, and so more.
– Sign up to create an account and set up the payment method of your choice
– Go through the instruction in the APP to buy your bitcoin or any kind of cryptocurrencies you want to trade with

when setting up some bitcoin App, you will be given 12 keys to save for recovery of password or account, be careful of giving these keys out to anyone, your details can be hacked by giving out the keys to anyone. Don’t let anyone deceive you by telling you that your coin will increase if they have to input some software for you to increase your earning, your earnings can only grow when you trade or invest, avoid this!.


How to sell bitcoin

– Go to your google play store or App Store and download apps for bitcoins, such as Binance, Blockchain, Capital, and so more.
link your bank account
– Go through the instruction in the APP to sell your bitcoin or any kind of cryptocurrency.


Buy cryptocurrencies with Credit or Debit card

Purchase all kinds of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, litecoin, and other valuable coins with your credit or debit card directly to your wallet within 24 hours.
Each cryptocurrenicies you want to purchase have their own wallet that you will need to use to make purchase like: are:BTC / LTC / ETH / XRP / BCH / BNB / XLM / TRX / ATOM / NANO / BUSD / PAX / DASH / DAI / EOS / USDT / CEL / COTI / HBAR / HEDG / HUSD / ICX / LUNA / MIOTA / TOMO / TUSD / USDC / USDK / XAUT. Purchase cryptocurrencies with Visa, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard, Bank transfer

To buy cryptocurrencies with credit card

– Open your cryptocurrencies app on your device.
– Click on the crypto you want to purchase.
– Input the amount of crypto you want to purchase.
– Input the wallet address of the crypto you want to purchase (i.e. if it is bitcoin you want to buy, go to your bitcoin wallet address and copy and paste it to buy, if it is any other coins, choose on the wallet address of the coins).
– Click on the next option after your input your wallet address.
– Input your credit or debit card information, billing information, and personal details. ensure your card details are correct with your billing address. It recommended your input your phone number and email address to get verification codes.
– Verification of email address and phone number is compulsory, this is done once, to make another purchase you don’t need to give your information anymore.
– Go to your email address box for link confirmation where you get a 4 digit code sent to you and input it in the screen box shown to you, after you confirm your email address and phone number, click on continue or proceed.
– KYC verification will be done by uploading or taking picture of the following document of your choice.

1. Passport
2. National ID card
3. Driver’s license

– Click on “Choose file” to upload the document you capture and upload it by clicking ” Upload document”
– Some App you download for your cryptocurrencies take time to verify your documents
– Once your documents are verified, you will get a notification alert “your payment request is being processed”.
– Once it’s approved or declined you will be sent a message on your registered email or the cryptocurrencies app notification.
– It takes 24 hours for payments approval, some app takes a few minutes.



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