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Call of duty mobile app store

Call of duty mobile app store

Call of duty mobile app store – This is a mobile free-to-play shooter game that was developed by TiMi studios also published Activision for both iOS and Android, at it first launch of the month this game has about 148 million downloads and given up to US$54 million in revenue. This made the biggest mobile game launch in generations.

This game is one of the best games most played on all devices both on iPhone and Android, but we are discussing iPhone now not android. You can get all you need to know about call on duty for iPhone. You will find it to your taste like the best in the entire universe.



This game is present all over the world except Vietnam, mainland, and Belgium. This game is free with free updates, this is a new free-to-play game which connects both the maps, weapons also features all over the call of duty series in its main person action experience on mobile. This game was released on 1 October 2019.




How to download call of duty on iPhone


You don’t need to get a long way of wandering about on how to download this app on your iPhone, all you need to do is

  • Go to your apple store on your iPhone
  • Make use of the search bar inputting “call of duty” to get it
  • You will find a series of  game similar to this, click on the actual one to get it installed on your device
  • Immediately you find it, click on it to get it installed on your device.
  • Get this game app on your device and enjoy while playing it, you don’t need to miss the best part of this game.


You can download this game app on the App Store by clicking this link HERE for the direct page

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