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CIC account | Gc key login

CIC account | Gc key login


What is Gckey?

The Canadian government offers the GCKey service so that you can securely interact with various government services and programs online. Your GCKey is provided by the GCKey service.

When communicating with online government programs and services, a GCKey is a special credential that protects your communications. The online applications and services listed on our Enabled Services page can be accessed using your GCKey.

You can securely access the online services of the Canadian government with a GCKey.
You can customize the username and password. Additionally, you must come up with security queries. This safeguards your information and enables account recovery.

The federal government’s online services can be accessed by using the GCKey service, which is a service provided by the Government of Canada. Clients can use the GCKey service even if they lack or don’t want to use a sign-in credential they may have with one of the Sign-In Partners.

How to get Gckey

Go to the Government of Canada website you wish to access and, when given the option to log in, select “Continue to GCKey” from the menu that appears. This will allow you to register or sign up for a GCKey.


What are the rules for Gckey username and password?

You should always maintain the privacy of your Username and Password, which protect your GCKey. You shouldn’t give them to anyone, not even officials from the Canadian government.

What you need to know in creating Gckey username and password

  • Avoid using personal information like your name, Social Security Number (SIN), mailing address, or email address.
  • Always keep your Username secure and never share it with anyone. Make your Username simple to remember and difficult for others to guess.

Is GcKey used for more than one service?

Yes. With the exception of the CRA services, you can access all available online services using the same GCKey credential.

It is convenient to use a single credential to access multiple services because you don’t need to remember numerous usernames and passwords. You must either sign up for a CRA User ID and password or use one of the Sign-In Partners to access the CRA’s login services.


What is Gckey used for?

Access to Enabled Services requires your GCKey. However, you must first register for a GCKey and then enroll in the online government service or program you wish to use. Access to numerous departmental programs and services is possible with a single GCKey.

Is my Gckey information safe?

Your registration information is kept confidential by the GCKey service. Your information is held by the Canadian government and is protected by the Federal Privacy Act.


Is it possible to own more than one Gckey?

Yes, you are allowed to have a unique GCKey for each enabled service.
You’ll need to keep track of which GCKey was used to sign up for each service. If you lose your GCKey, the GCKey service will be unable to help you because it is unaware of the services you use or the number of GCKeys you have.
A distinct email address is required for each GCKey if you plan to use the email recovery feature.

Does Gckey expire?

Your GCKey may expire, yes. You must use your GCKey once every 24 months according to our system’s requirements. Every 24 months, if you don’t use your GCKey, it will expire.

If this happens, you won’t be able to access online Enabled Services anymore.

If your GCKey expires, you will need to get a new one and enroll once more with each Enabled Service you want to use.


Gckey login – Gc key login 

A quick method for securely accessing online services provided by the Canadian government. You can access a variety of online-enabled services provided by the Canadian government using your GCKey. Visit with your Gckey username and password.



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