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Citi flex loan

Citi flex loan

Citi flex loan – This bank is now giving out a few cardholders ‘Citi Flex Plan’. It offers cardholders the capacity to allow fixed monthly payments to pay off purchases or a loan over your card’s credit line, you can make use of your credit line to access funds and pay for the funds below a Citi Flex Plan. A Citi Flex Loan is a Citi Flex Plan decision that lets you borrow money from your previous Citi credit card account’s credit limit also pay it back at a fixed APR, in fixed monthly payments over a set period. No separate application is needed


You will be charged with flex loan; you will withdraw as much as or as little cash that you need between your credit limit also manage how long it takes to repay your balance.


How to get Citi Flex loan

First, check to see if you have any available offers via Citi Online or call Citi Customer Service. If so, select your offer and choose the monthly payment option that best suits your needs. Your monthly payment options are based on your available repayment terms and the requested loan amount (up to the maximum amount available to you when you request your loan).


How Citi Flex work

Qualification can be turn to other part of your Citi card available credit line into a fixed interest loan. Once your loan is been processed, your loan amount will be linked to your card total balance, and your monthly payments will be added in your card minimum payment Due.


Is Citi Flex loan acceptable?

The two widest advantage of Citi Flex loan is: this offer a minimum interest rate which your regular credit card APR request. This offers the capacity to manage the minimum part of your outstanding card balance as a fixed-rate term loan.

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How to customize your loan your way

  • Select your qualifying loan amount leveraging your present card line.
  • Select your timeline: you will pay a fixed loan over time along with a fixed term that is up to 60 months, based on your qualification.
  • Select the bank transfer to accept your funds in as little as 1-2 business days or a check through the mail.

When you are done with the loan process and accept your funds, you can check the information of your Flex loan which is on your next statement summary below Citi Flex Plan.




Know how to estimate your loan

Loan Amount 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months
$500 $44 $23 $16 $13 $11
$1,000 $88 $46 $32 $25 $21
$2,000 $176 $92 $65 $51 $42
$3,000 $264 $138 $97 $76 $64
$4,000 $352 $185 $129 $101 $85
$5,000 $440 $231 $161 $127 $106



You can forward a complaint to them if you find any question to ask, you can tap on this link HERE for the direct page

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