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Classic WoW server

WoW classic server transfer

WoW classic server transfer – The paid Character transfers are now available for game players who are in classic wow server that is seeking to change their characters to a different realm around their region. Something to keep in mind before game player takes the step into creating a home on a new realm. Each transfer has a ninety-day cool down.


As compared to modern WoW, players can turn world PvP on and off at will switch on any serverClassic servers are differentiated as the main game layout. On PvP servers, game player is always attackable by opponent players only in a very few areas created as Sanctuaries.


Each transfer has a ninety-day cooldown.

Gold transfer limits specific level ranges are as follows:

Level 10-30 can transfer with up to 100 gold

Level 31-50 can transfer with up to 500 gold

Level 51-60 can transfer with up to 2000 gold

Characters will not transfer from PvE realms to PvP Realms and RP realms cannot transfer to RP-PvP realms.


Note: WoW Classic Character Transfers between 24 hours of the weekly reset might get to a point of loss of the previous week’s PvP data due to an ongoing problem that is now under review. Take caution and wait 24 hours after the weekly reset to make sure the previous week’s data is saved prior to any transfer. Games played around this week, prior to transfer, might be lost.



Wow character transfer cost

Character Transfer, before was Paid Character Transfer Service (PCT), is a paid service that allows the game player to relocate characters to other realms, within two World of Warcraft accounts or from one Blizzard account to another. The cost of every single paid character transfer is of $25 / 20€ / £15 / ₩24,000


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WoW Classic servers: Normal

classic wow server
classic wow server

Servers of PvP is not enabled only if you select to switch it on manually, then you will need to attack your opponent or NPCs who have PvP enabled. When you seeking of enjoying the level of experience without the stress of being attacked by player of opponent, we recommend normal server as the best choice.



Ashkandi (Eastern)
Atiesh (Pacific)
Azuresong (Pacific)
Mankrik (Eastern)
Myzrael (Pacific)
Old Blanchy (Pacific)
Pagle (Eastern)
Westfall (Eastern)
Windseeker (Eastern)



Mirage Raceway (English)
Nethergarde Keep (English)
Pyrewood Village (English)
Auberdine (French)
Everlook (German)
Razorfen (German)
Lakeshire (German)
Chromie (Russian)



Remulos (Australian Eastern Time)


WoW Classic servers: PvP

classic wow server
classic wow server

On this server you can be automatically flagged and can be attacked by an opponent, if you need to enjoy PvP or any level along with your friends, we recommend PvP realm

Large streamers and one that game player will really want to avoid are Faerline (US) and Shazzrah (EU)



Anathema (Pacific)
Bigglesworth (Pacific)
Benediction (Eastern)
Blaumeux (Pacific)
Faerlina (Eastern)
Fairbanks (Pacific)
Herrod (Eastern)
Incendius (Eastern)
Kirtonos (Eastern)
Kurinaxx (Pacific)
Kromcrush (Eastern)
Netherwind (Eastern)
Rattlegore (Pacific)
Skeram (Eastern)
Smolderweb (Pacific)
Stalagg (Eastern)
Sulfuras (Eastern)
Thalnos (Eastern)
Thunderfury (Pacific)
Whitemane (Pacific)



Ashbringer (English)
Bloodfang (English)
Dreadmist (English)
Firemaw (English)
Flamelash (English)
Gandling (English)
Gehennas (English)
Golemagg (English)
Judgement (English)
Mograine (English)
Noggenfogger (English)
Razorgore (English)
Shazzrah (English)
Skullflame (English)
Stonespine (English)
Ten Storms (English)
Amnennar (French)
Sulfuron (French)
Finkle (French)
Lucifron (German)
Venoxis (German)
Patchwerk (German)
Dragon’s Call (German)
Transcendence (German)
Flamegor (Russian)
Wyrmthalak (Russian)
Rhok’delar (Russian)



Arugal (Australian Eastern Time)
Felstriker (Australian Eastern Time)
Yojamba (Australian Eastern Time)

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