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cookie run kingdom tier list | cookie run

Cookie run: Cookie run kingdom  | cookie run kingdom tier list : cookie run kingdom characters | How to play cookies run on pc

Cookie run kingdom game running game on android and iOS app design like a piece of cake, help cookie to gain freedom from the worse bad bakery, cookie run kingdom has been top played games and most download game app.

How to play cookies run on pc

Download Cookie run kingdom on your pc, enjoy playing cookie run kingdom game like you are on your Andriod app, Your windows should be Windows 7 or up and at least 2GB of RAM. Bluestack allows multitasking on android with many instances, cookie run kingdom support 32 and 64 but apps.

  • Go to your PC browser and search for Bluestacks.
  • Download and install Bluestacks on your PC or laptop.
  • Finish up signing up the access to the play store, you can as well do it later.
  • Search cookie run; ovenbreak in the search bar.
  • Tap on the cookie run: ovenbreak image and install from the search results.
  • Finish Google signing, you can as well skip the process to install cookie run: ovenbreak.
  • Tap the cookie run: Ovenbreak icon or image on your Home screen to enjoy playing.


What is the best cookie in cookie run

Better cookies are available in cookie run you can play, below are the best cookies in cookie run

  • Vampire cookie
  • Pure vanilla
  • Dark choco
  • Strawberry crepe
  • Princess
  • Custard
  • Pomegranate
  • B Tier list
  • Milk cookie
  • Madeline
  • World exploration
  • Licorice
  • Latte cookie
  • Herb
  • Vampire cookie
  • Guide Boss battle
  • Sorbet
  • Tiger Lily
  • Pomegranate
  • Lilac
  • Muscle cookie
  • Ninja cookie
  • Pancake cookies


Cookie run kingdom tier list

Cookie run kingdom tier lists cookie characters in the cookie run kingdom to get to the top-tier in PvE and PvP game modes. Lists of rank cookies in the cookie run kingdom feature, S/top-tier (best ones), A/good-tier, B/average tier, and C/below-average tier.

Cookie run kingdom tier S tier cookies

  • Sea fairy cookie – Stier.
  • Pure vanilla cookie – S tier support.
  • Herb cookie -S tier healer.
  • Latte cookie – S tier.
  • Espresso cookie – S tier DMG.
  • Licorice cookie- S tier.
  • Strawberry crepe cookie – S tier Tank.
  • Dark choco – S tier unit.
  • Black Raisin cookie – S tier.
  • Vamoire cookie – S tier.
  • Sorbet shark cookie – S tier.
  • Lilac cookie – S tier.
  • Moon Rabbit cookie – N/A tier (New cookie).
  • Sonic cookie – N/A( New cookie).
  • Tails Cookie – N/a Tier (New cookie).


Cookie run kingdom tier A tier cookies

Cookies with the best performance

  • Tiger lily cookie – A + tier.
  • Almond cookie – A tier.
  • Hollybery cookie – A + tier.
  • Raspberry cookie – A + tier.
  • Parfait cookie – A + tier.
  • Squid ink cookie – A + tier.
  • Milk cookie – A + tier.
  • Pomegranate cookie – A + tier.
  • Rye cookie – A + tier.
  • Madeleine cookie – A + tier.
  • Red Velvet cookie – A + tier.
  • Pastry cookie – A + tier.
  • Poison mushroom cookie – A + tier.
  • Mint choco – A + tier.


Cookie run kingdom tier A tier cookies

Cookies with average performance

  • Chili Pepper cookie – B tier.
  • Purple yam cookie – B tier.
  • Cream puff cookie – B tier.
  • Fig cookie – B tier.
  • Sparking Cookie – B + tier.
  • Kumiho cookie – B tier.


Cookie run kingdom tier C tier cookies

Cookies with average performance

  • Snow sugar cookie – C tier.
  • Werewolf cookie – C tier.


Cookie run kingdom tier common tier cookies

  • Angel cookie – C tier (not recommended for long run).
  • Beet cookie – C tier (Target enemy with lowest HP).
  • GingerBrave – C tier (Not good for late game).
  • Ninja cookie – C tier (bad).
  • Strawberry cookie – C tier (not good for the long run).
  • Wizard cookie – C tier ( DMG dealer, not good for long run).


Cookie run kingdom tier N/A tier cookies

Rating of cookies below is not available.

  • Moon rabbit cookie – N/A tier (New cookie) – Epic cookie.
  • Sonic Cookie – N/A tier (New cookie ) – Special cookie.
  • Tails Cookie – N/A tier (New cookie) – Special cookie.


Cookie Run Kingdom tier list for PvE (player versus environment)

  • SS-Tier – Dark Choco Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Licorice Cookie.
  • S-Tier – Vampire Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Rye Cookie, Mango Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Parfait Cookie.
  • A-Tier – Herb Cookie, Almond Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Latte Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Pastry Cookie.
  • B-Tier – Pomegranate Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Milk Cookie, Yam Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Espresso Cookie.
  • C-Tier – Madeleine Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Fig Cookie, Chili Pepper Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie.


Cookie Run Kingdom tier list for PvP (player versus player)

  • SS-Tier – Sorbet Shark Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie.
  • S-Tier – Black Raisin Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie.
  • A-Tier – Mango Cookie, Almond Cookie, Latte Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Milk Cookie.
  • B-Tier – Madeleine Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Herb Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Rye Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie.
  • C-Tier – Chili Pepper Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Kumiho Cookie.


Cookie run kingdom characters

  • GingerBrave
  • Strawberry cookie
  • Ninja Cookie
  • Angel cookie
  • Muscle cookie
  • Wizard cookie
  • Beet cookie


Common rare run kingdom

  • Princess cookie
  • Knight cookie
  • Cherry cookie
  • Alchemist cookie
  • Adventurer cookie
  • Blackberry cookie
  • Gumball Cookie
  • Onion cookie
  • Pancake cookie
  • Avocado cookie
  • Carrot cookie
  • Clover cookie
  • Custard cookie III
  • Devil Cookie


Epic cookie run kingdom

  • Snow sugar cookie
  • Vampire cookie
  • Tiger lily cookie
  • Werewolf cookie
  • Mint choco cookie
  • Herb cookie
  • Dark choco cookie
  • Sparkling cookie
  • Chili pepper cookie
  • Pomegranate cookie
  • Purple yam cookie
  • Milk cookie
  • Poison mushroom cookie
  • Licorice cookie
  • Madeleine cookie
  • Expresso cookie
  • Rye cookie kumiho cookie
  • Cream puff cookie
  • Latte cookie
  • Almond cookie
  • Black raisin cookie
  • Strawberry crepe cookie
  • Fig cookie
  • Pastry cookie
  • Red velvet cookie
  • Mango cookie


Legendary cookie run kingdom

  • Sea fairy cookie


Ancient cookie run kingdom

  • Pure vanilla cookie
  • Hollyberry Cookie


Special cookie run kingdom

  • Sonic Cookie
  • Tails Cookie


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