Friday, July 1, 2022 login | portal login | portal login | portal login | portal – This is an official website that is meant for public school of Miami Dade country. This is based in Florida which serves the Miami Dade country region, as one of the largest and best schools which is the District of United States/. You need to know more about this school login with an easy step.


How to create | login | portal

This school gives a wide variety of courses which students can obtain. The entire students, parent, and employees can get their access online on they have the privilege to log in and check back their information based on their plans and other stuff.

Everyone can make use of the step below to log in to their account, you will need to register on the school website. Below is how to create an account on

  • Go to their website by clicking on this link HERE, this will help you get direct link in registering for their site
  • Now you are directed to the site, you will need to choose, parent, community
  • Follow the next step till the end to get your account created.


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How to log in

  • Go to their official website by clicking HERE for a direct link
  • You will be required to input your username and password which you used in registering with them
  • Username is the student or employee ID
  • Input your information as required to be in the fields.
  • Tap on login then you will be logged into the portal, you can also make use of the badge login by clicking HERE




How to login student portal

This will help the student to give their entire details which they need, you can get Student Highlights, resources, and other relevant stuff similar to their education.


  • Go to the student portal by clicking HERE
  • You will need to input your student ID as your username
  • If you don’t have a student account you can as well create one, you can make use of the create account link which is below the login account
  • When you are signed up, you will need to login back to the student portal
  • Input your ID and the password in the space given to you.
  • Tap on enter to access your student account.

Please note that you will be requested to change your password 24 hours after the registration


How to login parent portal

If you need to monitor your children on this website, you will get your child’s student ID, your PIN number (parent), student date of birth, zip code and birthplace.  Now you have the following, you can make use of it

  • Go to the parent login portal by clicking HERE for direct parent login or HERE then tap on “login parent portal
  • Input your details in the field given,
  • Tap on enter to access your account




How to log in employee portal

Teachers and other staff can also make use of accessing this account online to control their data and schedules. This is somehow similar to the way other login platforms is but you will need to grant you access through

  • You will need to tap on HERE which will direct you to the management page
  • You will need to input DadeSchools ID then tap on continue
  • Immediately you get your password, you will need to click HERE
  • Input your username and password then tap on login to grant you access portal App

you can as well download their app on android and iPhone easily all you need to do is to visit your device play store

for Andriod click HERE

For iPhone click HERE

This App can also function well similar to the website


How to log in portal

It is quite different from other login steps which been stated in this article. now let discuss the signup and login for this

  • For registration tap HERE
  • Ensure you click on the box to agree to the terms and conditions then tap on Next
  • Make sure you fill in the filed required then tap on register
  • You now have an account with DadeSchools which you can now log in easily
  • You can click HERE to log in directly, then input your details which you used in registering
  • Tap on Login and now you are full to go.

You can visit their website by clicking HERE address

M-SCPS: 1450 NE 2nd Ave: Miami, FL 33132

Contact number is (305) 995-1000 this is for Non-technical questions

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