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Drone show – Drone show 2020 : Drone Show Software

Drone show: Drone Show Software is launched by SPH Engineering – the multiproduct drone software company and UAV integration services provider.  They are normally provided with LEDs, and the display is held at night. The first drone display was launched in 2012 in Linz/Austria, at the time the Ars Electronica Futurelab launched SPAXELS (short for “space elements”) for the first time. The exhibit might be for entertainment, where the drones might be used flocking or crowding behavior. The drones might also cooperate to produce images. Making use of this coming-up technology, displays have been engaged for marketing purposes as well.


They support drone supporters around the globe to begin their own drone show business and protect amazed outdoor appear by giving a full package of software, drones, choreography, and training.


Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering is the first commercially present software to protect drone swarm flights provided with lights, fireworks, smoke generators, or other payloads.




They provide you with a full package to create and fly a mind-blowing drone show in just a month which is software, drones, choreography, and training.
1. Form a team of drone pilots and engineers
2. Purchase a Drone Show Software package
3. Complete a training (on-site/online/hybrid)
4. Get the fleet delivered and fly the 1st show
Drone Show Software members around the globe render memorable drone appear and set Guinness World Records
Clients in 150+ countries make use of SPH Engineering solutions daily for drone mission planning, flight control, and data management. You can get to know more by clicking HERE
Drone Show Software ( Within five years, the software has further the organic development of a world community of drone show providers. In 2020, Drone Show Software assisted customers in 37 countries, permitting for a total of 3’945 drones to be displayed in concert simultaneously in the night sky.


Drone delivery is an involved topic together with many technical and legal features. SPH Engineering in the past few years are about to join all the pieces of the technological puzzle:

  1. Logistics Planning and Flight Control
  2. UTM for Airspace Structure, Geofencing, and Authorization
  3. Telemetry Data to Dispatcher, UTM, CAA
  4. Flying BVLOS – Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
  5. Tracking and Logging.




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Drone show contacts

 SPH Engineering, SIA
Office:  Dzirnavu 62-9, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Ph:  +371 25453422 (EET/GMT+2)
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