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Easy credit cards to get in Canada – Canada credit cards

Easy credit cards to get in Canada – Canada credit cards | Credit cards in canada


Instant acceptance of credit cards in Canada make the application for a credit card considerably easier. Get easy credit cards to get in Canada With the rise of online credit card applications and computerized credit score checks, it was only a matter of time before additional credit card issuers offered similar quick, easy, and rapid acceptance.

Fortunately, Canada has a plethora of credit cards that provide immediate approval. You may find out right away if your credit card has been accepted, and you can obtain your new card in no time.
There are financial institutions and companies that offer easy-to-get cards with no credit checks and rapid acceptance. They’re great for Canadians who have a history of missed or late payments, excessive borrowing, or delinquencies. Traditional providers perceive such consumers to be high-risk.


What is instant credit card approval?

An instant approval credit card is one that notifies you immediately if your credit card application has been approved. Because the credit card firm has enough information about you to analyze if you’re a good credit risk, approval usually takes only a few seconds.

You’ll find out if you’re authorized for the card at the same time you apply because the entire procedure happens instantly online and there’s no need for a human underwriter to check your application.

It should be noted, however, that instant approval does not ensure approval. You’ll still have to meet the card’s application standards and pass a credit check; an immediate approval simply makes it easier and faster (we’re talking minutes) to get authorized in circumstances where you meet the qualifications.

The biggest advantage of quick acceptance of credit cards is knowing right away if you qualify – no more rushing to the mailbox every day hoping to see a credit card envelope, no more guessing and hypothesizing if your income or credit score is sufficient. It’s simply more convenient and minimizes the amount of stress.


How do credit cards with quick approval work?

Instant approval is only accessible from credit card issuers in Canada if you apply for a credit card online, straight through their website.

They can swiftly and easily review your credit file after you enter all of the requested information.

You may be asked questions to verify your identity, such as where you’ve lived previously and whether you have any former or present credit cards.

If you answer these questions correctly and there are no other concerns, you’ll see whether you were accepted for the card immediately on the web page.

However, just because you were accepted right away doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. You may still be required to show proof of income or identification verification.

How can I apply for a credit card with immediate approval?

Online applications are preferred, but you can also apply in person or over the phone. To establish your identity and employment, you’ll need to supply the following information:

  • Workplace and employment status
  • Income
  • Other debts and expenses may be a factor in some circumstances.
  • Social security number (but it isn’t always required)
  • Finally, you must agree to a credit check.


Credit cards with instant acceptance and no credit checks

There is one exception: if you currently have a credit card from a particular issuer and want to apply for another, they may or may not do a credit check.

You might, for example, hold an American Express card. If you apply for another one, they may not need to pull your credit score, especially if you have a long history of paying your payments on time. The sole exception might be if you apply for the American Express SimplyCashTM Card while also having the American Express Platinum® Card.

Why? Due to the fact that they are two separate forms of credit products. Charge cards from American Express are considered open accounts, whilst credit cards are called revolving accounts. Amex would still grab your credit file as a result of this.

What else can I do to improve my chances of being accepted right away?

Doing your research and making sure you satisfy the card’s income requirements before applying is one of the best methods to boost your chances of being promptly approved for the card you desire. Most credit card application pages will state exactly how much money you must earn to get approved.

To keep your credit score in excellent standing, you’ll also want to preserve strong personal finance habits as a long-term plan. Two of the most important things you can do to improve your creditworthiness are to borrow only what you can afford and to pay all of your payments on time. It also helps to keep your credit card balances well below your credit limit.

Can I use my credit card right away if I’m quickly approved?

Unfortunately, just though the approval process is quick doesn’t imply you can immediately begin spending. You’ll have to wait for your replacement card to arrive in the mail after you’ve been accepted, which generally takes 5-7 business days.

The Triangle Mastercard from Canadian Tire is the one major exception to this rule. The Triangle Mastercard is the first of its kind in the country, and you may add it to your digital mobile wallet (Apple Pay or Android Pay) as soon as you’re authorized online.

Credit cards with a pre-paid balance

A prepaid credit card is another option to avoid a credit check. There’s no need to worry about approval because these aren’t credit goods. Simply complete the form, verify your identity (if necessary), and a prepaid card bearing your name will be sent to you.

Consider the following three prepaid options:


Credit cards with instant approval for people with fair credit (scores of 560-659).

When your credit score is below 660, you’ll be limited to a small number of cards that don’t offer much more than the ability to assist you to increase your score.

There is a handful of them; here’s a list of a few of them.

  • Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card (only requires 600).
  • Neo Standard Mastercard (only requires 600).
  • BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard®.
  • BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* Card.

Guaranteed credit cards vs. instant approval credit cards

Remember that immediate approval isn’t the same as approval that is guaranteed. You’ll still have to meet the card’s application conditions and pass a credit check, and you could be turned down.

If you have low credit and are searching for a card that is extremely easy to obtain, you should look into a secured card. A secured credit card is a type of credit card that is designed for those with bad credit and has few to no application restrictions. Secured cards, which are designed for people trying to restore their credit history, come with drawbacks such as the requirement to pay a deposit and the lack of benefits.

The top credit cards with quick approval

All of Canada’s main five banks, as well as a few more credit card companies like National Bank, American Express, MBNA, and Tangerine, provide rapid acceptance of credit cards.

We recommend the following instant approval cards:

Triangle Mastercard was named the best credit card for immediate use.

Information about the card

  • There is no annual charge.
  • At Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, and participating Mark®/L’Équipeur and Atmosphere outlets, you can get 4% in Canadian Tire Money.
  • Every year, 1.5 percent of the first $12,000 spent at qualified grocery stores is returned to you.
  • 0.5 percent on all other items
  • At Gas+ and participating Husky stations, get $5 back in Canadian Tire Money per liter.


Most other immediate approved credit cards pale in comparison to the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard. Not only is it simple to obtain – with no income restrictions and permissive underwriting – but you can also use the card right away, even before receiving the physical card in the mail.

You may link your new Triangle Mastercard to your digital wallet – either Apple Pay or Android Pay – as soon as you’re quickly authorized online. Canadian Tire is the country’s first credit card provider to offer this one-of-a-kind instant-use functionality.

For a no-fee retail credit card, the Triangle Mastercard also earns outstanding rewards. When you shop at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, and Mark’s apparel stores, as well as Husky and Gas+ gas stations, you can earn large benefits.

In addition, cardholders can earn up to 1.5 % in most food stores and 0.5 percent elsewhere. Rewards are earned in the form of Canadian Tire Money, which may be redeemed for one cent off Canadian Tire items (just a note; earn rates are based on pre-tax prices).

The Triangle Mastercard offers more than just instant use; users may also get interest-free financing on eligible purchases from Canadian Tire (of at least $150) and use the card to pay for household expenditures that aren’t normally covered by credit cards, such as tuition and property taxes.



Credit cards with instant approval for good credit — score range of 660-724

The number of cards you can receive with fast approval starts to increase in this score level.

Many American Express cards fall within this category.

These are some of the cards:

A few BMO credit cards, notably a handful of their World Elite cards, offer immediate acceptance credit cards in this category:
BMO AIR MILES®† World Elite®* Mastercard®*
BMO Rewards® Mastercard

Credit cards with instant approval for people with excellent credit (scores of 725-759)

If you have strong credit, you will be eligible for all but the most stringent approvals.

The Scotiabank Scene Visa Card, one of Scotiabank’s premium offerings, is now available.

RBC’s premium cards are in the very good category. Here are a few examples:

  • WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard
  • RBC Cash Back Preferred World Elite Mastercard

In addition, the SimplyCashTM Card from American Express, which is part of the American Express cash back lineup, falls within this category.

Credit cards with instant approval for people with great credit who have a credit score of at least 760.

The world is your (credit card) oyster in this range. Your credit score shouldn’t prevent you from acquiring any credit card you want if it’s higher than 760.

National Bank, HSBC, RBC, and Tangerine, to name a few, are among the issuers that offer rapid approval but aren’t mentioned in our list above.

These are some of the credit cards available:

  • National Bank World Elite Mastercard
  • National Bank World Mastercard
  • National Bank Platinum Mastercard
  • HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®
  • HSBC +Rewards™ Mastercard®
  • Tangerine World Mastercard®



Capital One and Home Trust are two issuers who advertise guaranteed credit card approval. Low Rate Guaranteed, Guaranteed Secured, and Guaranteed MasterCard are three such products offered by Capital One.

Guaranteed Low Cost MasterCard® comes with travel assistance, luggage delay insurance, and common carrier travel accident insurance, as well as a security deposit. Emergency cash advances, card replacement, and an extended warranty are among the additional benefits. All candidates are eligible as long as they are of legal age and do not have a bank account that is in bad standing.

  • The interest rate for a cash advance is 19.8%.
  • 14.9 % for balance transfer and purchase
  • The annual charge is $79
  • Credit range: $300-$7,000


Customers seeking for a guaranteed credit card might also choose the Guaranteed MasterCard®. Travel and everyday benefits like as car rental collision waiver, extended warranty, and others are included with this product. Legal referrals, lost luggage assistance, lost ticket and document replacements, medical referrals, and other services are available to customers.

  • Rate of interest: 19.8%
  • The annual charge is $59
  • Customers in Canada must generally provide a security deposit as a guarantee of repayment in order to be approved for a guaranteed credit card.


BMO, Home Trust, and Scotiabank are among the financial institutions that provide cards aimed towards consumers with fair and average credit scores.
One option to consider is the BMO® Preferred Rate MasterCard®, which has a low 3.99 percent starting rate. This rate is valid for balance transfers made during the promotional period of nine months. Add-ons include things like balance protection and roadside help. Security elements such as MasterCard SecureCode, zero liability, and chip technology are also promoted by BMO.


Customers are eligible to apply if they have not filed for bankruptcy in the last seven years and are of legal age in their home territory or province. They must bring picture identification, such as their territory or provincial health insurance card, Canadian citizenship certificate, Permanent Resident Card, driver’s license, Immigration Canada documents, and so on. Customers are asked about their living situation, address, monthly payment, years of employment and work information, income details, and more when applying for a card.

  • 11.9 percent cash advance rate
  • 11.9 percent interest rate
  • The annual charge is $20.
  • Grace period: at least 21 days

Customers with fair to ruined credit scores, individuals who have had financial troubles in the past, and recent immigrants should consider the Vancity enviro Secured Visa. An enviro Visa is available to those who deposit $500 or more in their TFSA, Jumpstart High Interest Savings Account, or Vancity Term Deposit. The limit is determined by the amount deposited.

Visa payWave and Checkout, stolen and lost card protection, recurring payments, lost and delayed luggage insurance, travel injury insurance, and more are all included with the card.

Trip interruption, trip cancellation, and travel medical insurance are all available as options, as are critical sickness, life, and accidental dismemberment insurance. The possibility to set up automated payments to avoid late and missed payments is an extra bonus. Customers can also access their account information online, which includes statement data, transactions, and their current balance. Customers can apply at a branch near them.

  • 11.25 percent is a low interest rate.
  • Interest rate: 19.5 percent on a regular basis
  • There is no annual cost.

The TD Cash Secured Credit Card from Toronto Dominion requires a deposit into a TD Simple Savings Account. The deposit, which can be as little as $500, serves as collateral. On the plus side, this card allows users to receive cash back on everyday expenditures, grocery shop purchases, and dining.

Holders receive 1% cash back on everyday purchases, 2% cash back on groceries, and 3% cash back on fine and casual dining. Instant card replacement, chip technology protection, and a digital wallet that allows clients to add their card to their phone are all additional perks. Please note that this card has been retired.

  • APR for balance transfers is 24.74 percent.
  • Purchase APR: 24.74 percent Variable Purchase APR: 24.74 percent Variable Purchase APR: 24.74
  • APR for cash advances is 26.99 percent.
  • Fee for international transactions: $0
  • The annual charge is $29
  • $500 – $5,000 credit limit

Newcomers, Canadians looking to rehabilitate or build credit, and overseas students can all benefit from secured cards from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Applicants are required to put a security deposit in an interest-bearing investment vehicle.

If they have another borrowing or banking product in good standing, such as a mortgage, line of credit, loan, or savings or chequing account, newcomers to Canada can choose a card that is tailored to their needs. Customers with no credit history are eligible if they match the criteria and do not require a security deposit.

Customers searching for guaranteed and secured credit cards have a variety of possibilities, but most financing businesses and banks demand borrowers to submit proof of job and income as well as a security deposit.

Customers with low credit ratings are more likely to have poor credit and money management abilities, which can lead to late accounts. The good news is that by making on-time payments on secured cards, users can rehabilitate their credit over time and gain access to a variety of borrowing options.



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