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excel high school login

excel high school login | excel high school – excel high school for adults


excel high school login: Excel High School is among Excel Education Systems Independent School System. Excel High School is a For-purpose organization dedicated to change the way students learn. Excel High School is Regionally Accredited by Cognia, the parent organization of the North Central Association CASI, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI, and the Northwest Accrediting Commission.


Excel High School is attached with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools CESS, a regional and national accrediting agency. Excel High School is a member of The College Board.


Excel High School is a better way to finish your high school diploma online and they are highly based on student success.

Excel High School renders accredited, online high school diploma programs, credit recovery courses, online summer school courses, and an honors/AP level college preparatory diploma curriculum. They also render an accredited, online adult high school diploma program, which is a better decision for adult learners to finish what they’ve started before. For individuals who thought their only option was deciding on a GED® test, the good news is that individuals can still earn your State Department of Education identified, accredited,  high school diploma at Excel. Individuals don’t have to settle for a GED®. They can take control of their education and graduate on their terms.

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Excel High School is the best solution if you:

  • Need to fast-track your education.
  • Need to earn college credits at the period of attending an accredited high school
  • Need to earn college credits at the period in high school
  • Need to start courses today.
  • Need to study online at your convenience.
  • Excel gives Unlimited Online Tutoring 24 x 7.
  • An adult needs a valid, accredited high school diploma.
  • Need to attend a non-public, accredited world-class college-prep online high school.
  • Need make-up credits to graduate on time to ahead of plan.
  • Dropped out of school, but want to earn a nationally recognized accredited high school diploma
  • Need online high school credits, or summer school online courses, click on HERE to know more.
  • Decide to further post-secondary studies at an accredited college or university.
  • Need to join the United States Military.
  • Need a better job and better pay.
  • Need to be part of a school that cares about your success.
  • Need to complete high school at your own pace.
  • Need to finish middle school online.
  • Need to attend an affordable online high school.
  • Are an International student looking for an American, accredited high school diploma?
  • You are an adult learner in need of an official high school diploma rather than a GED or HiSET.


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Excel high school login

  1. Go to their website or click on HERE
  2. Input the email address you used in applying for Excel high school
  3. Input your password
  4. Hit on the login to get accessed to your Excel high school portal


High School Diploma

Individual who is enrolling as a high school-aged student, Excel high school have full and part-time accredited, online high school programs for Grades 9 to 12. Excel high school also renders online summer school courses and make-up credits. Excel High School is an unusual alternative to a traditional high school. The Standard Track High School Diploma is well-placed for students looking for college enrollment or Military enlistment.

High School Diploma

Individual who is enrolling as adult learner looking for an accredited Fast Track High School Diploma or an Online GED, HiSET, or TASC Prep course, Excel high school can help you do better. Transfer credits through your former public high school and finish what you first started. Together with transfer credits, a lot of adults can graduate in just a few short months.

High School Diploma

Individual who is seeking an Honors/Advanced Placement Track High School Diploma will benefit being challenged at the period of being fully arranged for success in a 4-year university environment. Honors courses at Excel High School prepare learners to visit some of the best universities in the nation.



Excel High School customer care
601 Carlson Parkway
Suite 1250
Minnetonka, MN 55305, USA

Telephone:+1 952-465-3700
+1 800-620-3844
FAX:+1 952-465-3701


Text Excel High School: 952-465-3700

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