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Facebook authentication app | How do I use an authentication app for Facebook – Two-factor authentication for Facebook


Secure your Facebook account with Two-factor authentication to protect your account with a secure password by inputting special login every time anyone wants to make attempt to your account through a browser or mobile phone from an area or country you don’t recognize. Get notification of login attempts when anyone wants to access your account.

Setting up Two-factor authentication will keep your Facebook from being hijacked by scammers or anyone who wants to guess your password, it’s mandatory you use a strong password every time you create a password when creating an account, ensure you use a password no one can guess easily, a weak password is guessed so easily that scammers or anyone can breach into your account with guessing your weak password, but you don’t need to worry, using two-factor authentication will secure and protect your account.

How to turn on Tow-factor authentication on Facebook

– Login to your Facebook account
– Go to Security and Login Settings.
– Check below to use Two-factor authentication, then tap Edit.
– Select the security method you need to add the go through the instructions.

if you setting up two-factor authentication on your Facebook, three options will be requested for you to select.

1. Clicking the security key on a compatible device
2. Codes login from a third-party authentication app
3. Codes as text messages through your mobile device

Why did I turn on two-factor authentication on Facebook but now I can’t log in?

Sometimes when codes are sent, it takes time to arrive if you didn’t receive the two-factor authentication. Check through your notifications if you are logged in from another browser or device, your login can be approved from this process. Use your recovery codes if you had them saved to approve your login.

What should I do when I log in for two authentication codes?

– Add a new mobile phone number to your Facebook account
– Add a different authentication app to your Facebook account.
– Add a security key to your Facebook account.
– Switch off two-factor authentication through your Security and Login Settings.

How to get a security code for logging into Facebook

When you switched on two-factor authentication, get your security code in several ways for your login attempt.
– Use six digit text message code sent to your mobile device.
– Click your security key on the compatible device.
– Approve your login attempt through your device that is recognized already.
– Security from the code generator.

How do I get my security code for logging into Facebook?

Get your code when you turn on your two-factor authentication when you request to select the security key, text message codes, or third-party authentication app to be your primary security code. authentication such as Google Authenticator or LastPass is recommended to get login codes by helping to confirm your login through a new device as a first-time user on the device.

How to use third-party authentication for login

– Go to your app store or Google store on your mobile device, download the app on the same device you access your Facebook
– Go to your Facebook “security and login settings”
– Locate your two-factor authentication then tap “Edit”, the password might be required in this process
– Tap ” Use authentication App” when you are requested to select your security method.
– Ensure you go through the instruction

How does Facebook use the mobile phone number added for two-factor authentication?

After adding a new mobile number for two-factor authentication, Facebook will use it to log in and secure your account, anytime a login attempt is done from any device apart from you accessing your account, a text message alert will be sent to you for verification code. You won’t be able to access the same mobile phone you use for two-factor authentication for security reasons to help you reset your password. Different numbers and email addresses will rather be used to your account to reset your password if it’s required.



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