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Facebook hacked recovery – password recovery

Facebook hacked recovery: Facebook password recovery | My Facebook Account Is Compromised


Social media is where people make their fun and source of living through advert and selling of their products online which have helped in the growth of their business very since they understand the strategy on how to make it works, sometimes they try to click a link sent to them by their fake friends or their friend’s account which have been hacked by scammer or internet fraudster.

Hacked accounts are well detected when you see a false message sent by the contact list of the hacked account, always be careful about what you do on your social media especially on your earning social media account, but why are accounts hacked? read along and let’s tell you more on how the account is hacked and why the account is hacked.

Why is my account hacked?

Account is hacked when you created a very weak password or easy guess password that even a new infant can guess easily, when creating an account you know it’s very important to you, ensure you don’t use any similar words related to the name of your account, date of birth, and phone number to your account to create your password, when creating your password, ensure your password is strong, input, mixed characters, small letter, capital letter, symbols, and number when creating a strong password, and ensure no one knows about this password, a strong password can be created e.g. joHN$%%$5–.

This is not easy to guess, and anyone trying to get this password will go the extra mile by asking you, but you can’t give it out. Secure your account properly and protect them from saving your password on your browser when you come across “Save password on website for another time”, always click on the button “NO“, don’t click on “YES“, you don’t know who’s out there monitoring your privacy. After you are done with what you doing on your browser, clear your history from your browser or app settings on your device.

Friends on your contact list will send you different links to click after you click on the link, you will be redirected to re-login to your account again, be careful of who you text or call your friends, once they see you have a lot of followers or you have a better branding advertising app, they will get how to hack your account, once, they hack your account, you will start battling on how to get your hacked account to recover till you find out you can’t get your account back.

Only genius can get their account recover if they got any notification of a login attempt of their account, they act very fast to remove the fake user phone number attached to their account and change their password, they as well change their phone number and email address to avoid the hackers of getting access to their account.

How to prevent accounts from getting hacked

– Avoid clicking on links from friends or anyone on your social media contact list.
– Avoid creating a weak password on your social media account
– Set up your social media notification setting to notify you when there is a login attempt on your account
– Set up two-factor authentication on your social media app
– Keep your password away from third-party, don’t trust anyone with your personal information.

How do I know if my Facebook account is hacked?

– Your email or password will change or be deactivated.
– Your name or birthday will be changed.
– Your Friend requests have been sent to people you don’t know.
– Messages have been sent to people on your contact list that you didn’t write.
– Posts you didn’t create have been made.

What do I do when I discover a fake profile or hacked account?

Fake profile is rampant where people are trying to be people who they are not, fake male profile, fake lady profile, fake doctor profile, fake celebrity profile, fake doctor profile, and lots more, ensure you safe with who you are texting or come across on social media, request for video call, meet the person in person to be sure of who they are, and ensure you know lots more about the person before sharing important documents to the person to avoid being scammed and hacked. Report fake account or hacked account by:

How to report hacked or fake Facebook account

– Login to your Facebook account.
– Go to the profile of the fake account.
– If you can’t find it, search for the name used on the profile or requesting your friends if they can send you a link to it.
– Tap on the three-dot under the cover photo and click “Find Support or Report Profile”.
– Go through the on-screen instructions for fake accounts to file a report.


How to recover hacked Facebook account

– Go to
– Click on My Account Is Compromised button below.
– Input your email or mobile number to search for your account.
– Click “Search”.
– You will indicate that your account had been hacked. To get back into your account, please identify yourself.
– Input your old password and new password.
– Follow the instruction to get your hacked account recovered.



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