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Family empowerment scholarship

Family empowerment scholarship

Family empowerment scholarship – this is one of the Florida greatest victories for minimum income and working-class families, also it is the first of the best to expand and associated with middle-income families. According to the 2019 legislative session, Governor Ron DeSantis inscribed SB 7070, that builds the FES program also render 18,000 students life-transforming education opportunities for academic and career goal.


family empowerment scholarship (FES) that gives an educational lifeline to students delay for an opportunity to search for the school that will be better to work for them also gain more parents in the driver’s seat to acquire the best educational environments for their children. Their site is


Qualified candidate that can apply for family empowerment scholarship

If you need to get qualified to apply for the family empowerment scholarship you must make sure you meet up the following requirement

  • Household income level does not meet up 300% of the federal poverty level that is $77,250 for a family of four or maybe the students is on the straight certification list that is list of children that is eligible for the food assistance program, temporary assistance to needy families program or maybe the food distribution on Indian reservations program or maybe the student is mainly placed, or maybe the period of the old state fiscal year was located in foster care or maybe in out-of-home care as stated in s.39.01
  • A student is qualified to enroll in kindergarten or has get the prior school year (2018-19) in attendance at Florida public school. Early attendance states that the student that is obtained in and in attendance at a Florida public school at the period of both October and February student begins.

The early scholarship funds that is awarded the student must be gained and obtained in a participating private school. List of qualified schools, you can view the department private school directory by click HERE. The private school is mainly eligible to participate in any of the scholarship programs is qualified in the family empowerment scholarship. Though, the parents are to contact the schools to ask maybe the private school will join the program.


How to apply for family empowerment scholarship

The parent must meet up the qualified requirement above and are ready in applying for family empowerment scholarship must contact one of Florida approved scholarship funding organizations (SFOs) by clicking HERE to finish the income of the verification process. Make sure you that if you have already applied for the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) scholarship program may be dedicated to get the income-qualified without resubmitting household income documentation to the SFO.


family empowerment scholarship district notification memo can be gotten HERE

family empowerment scholarship district notification memo can be gotten HERE

family empowerment scholarship district notification memo can be gotten HERE


FES contact

Turlington Building, Suite 1514
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Phone: 850-245-0505
Fax: 850-245-9667



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Their useful contact of FES

  • Blind Services: 800-342-1828
  • Braille/Talking Book Services: 800-226-6075


  • Bright Futures:

  • Bureau Of Personnel Management: 850-245-0484
  • Career and Adult Education: 850-245-0446
  • Commission for Independent Education: Toll-Free: 888-224-6684


  • Educator Certification:

    • U.S. Domestic Toll-Free Number: 800-445-6739
    • Outside the U.S.: 850-245-5049


  • Assessment Questions:

    • Telephone: 850-245-0513
    • Email:


  • Financial Aid:

    • Toll-Free Customer Service Line for Scholarships and Grants: 888-827-2004
    • Toll-Free Customer Service Line for Student Loans: 800-366-3475
    • Local Tallahassee Metro Area Customer Service Line: 850-410-5200
    • E-mail:


  • FTCE Questions:

    • Telephone: 413-256-2893


  • General Educational Development (GED) Testing:

    • Toll-Free: 1-877-352-4331
    • GED Testing Office: 850-245-0449


  • McKay Scholarships

    • Toll-Free Information Hotline: 800-447-1636
  • School Leadership Development Program: 850-245-0435
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Toll-free 855-814-2876
  • Teacher Recruitment: 800-832-2435
  • Troops To Teachers: 800-231-6242
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: Customer Hotline: 866-515-3692
  • Voluntary Prekindergarten/Early Learning: 866-447-1159
  • Volunteer Florida Foundation: 850-414-7400



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