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FIT MasterCard application – FIT MasterCard

FIT MasterCard application – FIT MasterCard | FIT MasterCard login | FIT card credit card

This is one of America’s top services for credit cards for consumers with low credit. Fit Mastercard renders credit products and services to consumers that are well known by local credit card users and local banks. Fit MasterCard can be used everywhere master card is accepted. Fit MasterCard is also used for dining, shopping, and can be taken everywhere around the world.


Is Fit MasterCard safe?

Yes, fit MasterCard is safe with $0 Fraud Liability and secure with a protection program available to the entire fit credit cards holders.


Features of fit MasterCard

1. Fit MasterCard has an initial credit limit of $400, it also helo to build your credit score if you make payments on time and secure your balance below credit limit.

2. Fit Mastercard credit limit increase after 6 months, new users who are trying to build up credit, get a credit limit that will increase your milestone achievement. The credit limit can be obtained upon your request stated to income and underwriting basis at the period of review. The fit card might offer you regard for spending more, lower credit ratio, and the possibility to increase your credit score.

3. Fit Mastercard credit card is used to build credit. They as well accept people that accept credit cards with good low credit. Your payment will be reported to three major credit bureaus, such as TransUnion, Experian, Equifax.

4. After you have created an account with fit MasterCard, you will receive a free monthly credit score when you apply in e-statements. In the entire month, you can check your score. A first-time user who builds credit can see the reason for this like making monthly payments quickly on your credit score each month.


Apply for a fit MasterCard

Get your fit MasterCard application done, applying for the fit master card is difficult, to apply for fit MasterCard on or contact them on 1-866-513-4598. You can apply for a fit credit card online, through the mail, over the phone with the basic information needed. The following are required to apply for fit MasterCard

1. Personal information
2. Record verification that identifies individuals that open a fit card
3. Social security number (SSN)


How long does the fit MasterCard application take?

It takes about 30 days for fit to gather all information before making the decision on your application.


How long does it take to get a fit Mastercard?

It takes 3 days to get fit MasterCard. This is a very fast process after your credit card has been approved, you will get your brand new credit card. Once you get approved, your new FIT credit card will be mailed to the address you used in enrolling for the fit MasterCard.


How to activate fit MasterCard

To activate fit MasterCard online, you can get this done by activating new and reissued cards online and over the phone.

– Visit their website on the back of the fit MasterCard.
– Click on “Activate Now”.

If you need to activate your card over the phone, contact the number shown on the application printed on the sticker affixed to your card, its toll-free number. The new card will take 30 days of receiving your card in your mail.

Fit MasterCard login

Access your fit MasterCard account after applying for fit MasterCard, it gets easier with
1. visit
2. Input your username.
3. input your password.
4. Then click on ” Login to my account”“.

Fit Mastercard customer care

For inquiry or complaint of Lost or Stolen Card? Call 1-800-556-5678, if you have a Question? Call Customer Service at 1-866-449-4514.

Fit Mastercard fee

Check fit credit card fee as stated below
One-Time Fees→$89
Annual Fees→$99
Monthly Fee→$0 1st year, $6.25 after



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