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free video editing software

free video editing software –  video editing software

free video editing software: video can aid move your brand’s success. But establsihing stunning video content is only right with the help of editing software, Pefetc video editing software can aid you dispaly your products through every side by giving out professional promos for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or anywhere else you need to transfer brand videos.

A lot of free video editors are available that arrives with straightforward features to build these videos, but this might be difficult to look through the ones that conduct the best benefits when demanding to get the job done on your PC


 Apple Clips

Ready on iOS only.

At the period some local Apple apps fall short, Apple Clips is one of the good friends. This app protect most of users video editing for Instagram. Users can link clips together, and edit their timeline.

Both coolest features are the capable to edit your background and render your content a comic book feel. The other awesome feature is Live Titles: You will record a video, and Apple Clips will join captions automatically while you speak (that are in sync with your voice). Then you’re done, move back and edit the titles to ensure they are correct.

Pros: Fast and easy to use; Live Titles feature.

Cons: iOS only.

Best for: Apple users seeking for fast, interactive, Instagram-friendly iOS video editors.



Ready on iOS and Android.

Magisto is an award-winning AI video editor. Join your photos, video, music, and anything else you need to add, and it will automatically edit and create your video. Then you will get the results are pretty impressive.

By selecting the type of story you need to render, Magisto can secure you lots of time, mkaing use of this smart video editor to transfe you a professional video. It’s very cool for making quick Instagram posts. The app allows it look like you make use of at least a couple of hours editing your work.

Pros: The AI results are truly impressive.

Cons: You sacrifice some editing control for speed.

Best for: Quick, professional-looking video edits.



Movie Maker 10

Best free video editing software for Windows 10 


Movie Maker 10 is a easy video editing software for Windows for a lot of users checking to move back to basics. It’s better sofwater for making fast edits to short video clips you want ready right away.

Movie Maker 10 arrives with a free version that come with suite of video and picture editing tools as well as the capable way to add captions with customizable fonts and colors.

Features include:

  • Auto-preview tool for edits and effects
  • Auto-movie options for creating customizable cuts of video clips which you make
  • Animation tab to conveniently add music, titles, and credits

Available for: Windows

Price: Free



The best overall free video editing software 


Lightworks come with a simple and intuitive interface, so it’s very easy to choose. Lightworks also render a collection of detailed video tutorials, allowing it one of the more useful and covenient to learn Linux video editing software options on this list.

Lightworks has a following of original stock videos and music clips licensed for making use in any videos you need to edit on the program, allowing you give a smooth look to any marketing video.

Features include:

  • High-quality easy trim functions for swift and exact video editing
  • Speed optimization, allwoing you further in editing while moving in new content
  • Multicam editing for syncing clips from a lot cameras
  • Real-time team project transferring with full control over which user has editing access
  • Easy transferring of videos with swift moves to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Managing for a wide range of video formats

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free, $24.99 per month for the Pro version


HitFilm Express

Simple free video editor with professional visual effects and tutorials


Maybe you dont’t have a lot of experience with video editing, HitFilm Express might feel a little advanced at first—this is used for producing Hollywood-style films—but it’s valuie the educating curve, as it’s one of the best all-in-one free video editors ready. (HitFilm does request you to transfer a social media status update at the tiem you download the software, but that’s a little price to pay.)

HitFilm come with animation tools that let need you create and edit audio and video transitions without the need to build composite shots, that is a huge time saver when editing.

Features include:

  • Professional-grade video editing together with motion tracking, color pickers, and cropping tools
  • Composite shot enhancements that let you to animate two different shots together for surreal video effects
  • An auto-stabilizer to make shaky footage look smooth
  • Unlimited video and audio timeline-track creation
  • An adaptive trimmer that allows you re-trim your clips after joining them to the timeline
  • Ability to copy a group of attributes from one clip and apply them straigth to another or to a whole project
  • Audio mixer for fine-tuning sound for professional-quality output
  • Various transition options, such as push, zoom, and dissolve

Available for: Mac and Windows

Price: Free, $349 for the Pro version



Best free video editing software for beginners


VideoPad is a perfect free option for any user who needs to create high-quality videos without spending any fee. With VideoPad, you’ll get all kinds of simple and easy-to-use features—like : 3D video editing and a sound effects library—to attempt vaarious video compositions and styles.

If you using this, you can edit your videos with special effects, overlays, texts, and transition, as well as color adjustment and sound effects. Then move out all your finished videos to YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, and other mobile devices fast and easily.

The only stuff it lack is that it might be too simple for advanced video editors. It doesn’t arrive with as many advanced features as some of the remaining free video editing software on this list, actually with options to add light effects, fine-tune colors, and overlay text and images, there’s enough here to allow it value the free download.

Features include:

  • Double built-in screen (one to preview selected clips, one to preview complete sequence) for covieneient and intuitive editing
  • Pre-made, customizable transitions for polished professionalism
  • Moving in presets to easily create video files optimized for exact platforms—such as Facebook and YouTube—and post them straight through within the software
  • Social media moving and publishing tools to share videos online instantly
  • A huge library of video transitions and visual effects to customize videos
  • Video optimization tools, such as stabilization

Available for: Mac, Windows

Price: Free



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VSDC Free Video Editor

Best free video editing software for Windows only


VSDC’s desktop video editing software is ready as both a free and paid version. However the free version has deduced features, it still arrives with VSDC’s full video editing suite—together with a mask tool and chroma key functionality for green-screen video effects.

If you got the funds to spring for the full version, the suite of tools widen to include video stabilization, robust post-production effects, slideshow/presentation capabilities, 3D diagram templates, and direct social media publishing.

Features include: 

  • Color-correction tools for a more professional look
  • A full suite of transitional effects
  • Easy-to-use image filters, similar to what you’d find on Instagram
  • Mask tools for hiding, blurring or highlighting specific elements
  • Social media link for transferring videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo
  • HEVC/H.265 (an advanced video-compression standard), for managing the highest quality at the minimum file size—important for processing 4K and HD files

Available for: Windows

Price: Free, $19.99 for the Pro version




Kdenlive is created for the GNU/Linux platform but also operates on BSD and macOS. Operation is being done to allow it ready on Windows. It’s a better of more powerful tool than most newbies will be availabel for. Features are huge and include the entire thing from multi-track editing to incorporating almost any audio file type, keyframe effects, transitions, and more.

Pros & Cons

  •  Feature-packed
  • Ideal for pros
  • Complex for beginners
  •  Not available for Windows users (at the time of this writing)


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Kapwing is an online video editor that arrives with just the right amount of quality of being suited in making any marketer smile. You need to add and adjust elements (text, images, and sound) and a smart way to a perfect size and timing your videos. You’re also capable to join with team members in real-time.


Kapwing has a free plan. You can get Kapwing Pro for $17/month.

Pros & Cons

  •  No watermarks on free plan videos
  •  No limit on free plan lifespan
  •  The content you save expires after seven days
  • Video duration is limited to 10 minutes


 Free Movie Maker


Free Movie Maker is a standard, yet easy-to-use video editor created for small projects and video addicts. You can join music, special effects, cut, trim, and join files. It also assist over 500 video formats.

Pros & Cons

  •  Easy to use
  •  Ideal for beginners
  •  Limited features
  •  Not available for Mac and Linux users



Ready on iOS and Android.

Boomerang Instagram Editing Software

Boomerang, ready on iOS and Android, is an app designed by Instagram. This app aids you in making use your photos to build more engaging content. Shoot a burst of up to 10 photos, and Boomerang will change them into a mini video. Thanks to local support, you can post to Instagram directly from the app.

Boomerang’s features include:

Pros: Very simple to make use of and share content.

Cons: This is well looking one feature app.

Best for: Changing photos into engaging video content.




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