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Google small business websites – Google business

Google small business websites | Google websites – Google business


What is Google Business?

Through your Google Business Profile, you can create a mobile-friendly website to represent your company.

Google will create a site for you that you can customize with themes, photos, and text based on the information and photos from your Business Profile. When you change your business information or upload new photos, your site will automatically update, and it will be optimized for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Make your own website.

You’ll have the option to create a website based on your information when you claim your Business Profile.
If you’ve already claimed your profile, you can create your website by following these steps.
To make your website, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Business Profile Manager account.
  • Open the profile you want to manage if you have more than one.
  • To make your website, go to the Website menu.


Put your website online.

  • Log in to the Business Profile Manager application.
  • Open the profile you’d like to manage if you have more than one.
  • Select Website from the drop-down menu.
  • On the top right of the screen, press the Publish button.

How to remove your site from the internet.

  • To use Business Profile Manager, you must first sign in.
  • Open the profile you’d like to manage if you have multiple profiles.
  • From the menu, choose Website.
  • In the toolbar on the left side of the screen, click the Settings button.
  • Click Unpublish.


How to Edit Google Sites

You can edit the website’s theme, text, photos, and more if you already have a website created through your Google Business Profile. You have the option of unpublishing your website at any time.


Make changes to your website

  • Log in to the Business Profile Manager application.
  • If you have more than one profile, select the one you want to manage.
  • Click Website from the menu on the left.


You can see how many people have visited your site in the top left corner. Click Info for more information about the site’s traffic.

Select the section of your site you want to edit from the left panel. When you’re finished with a section’s edits, click Done.

For your website, you can either purchase a new domain or use one that already exists.

You can use an existing domain name, such as “,” for your business website created with your Business Profile. Google also offers the option of purchasing a custom domain.

Purchase a unique domain name.

Google provides free hosting for the website created through your Google Business Profile. Your website will be called “” and will have a “” web address.
You can purchase a custom domain, such as “,” for your website:

  • Click Buy domain after you’ve published your site.
  • Google Domains can help you find a custom domain name and purchase it. It will connect your website to your domain name automatically. Find out more about Google’s domain registration service.


How to Link your website to your Google domain.

To use for your websites, you can connect your existing Google domain. Before you do anything, double-check that you’re using the same Google Account for both and that you own the domain and Google Business Profile.

  • Open Business Profile Manager on your computer and sign in.
  • Click Website.
  • It will show your Google domain. Click Connect.
  • Click Connect once more to confirm your choice.
  • Click Visit site if you’d like to give your site a once-over.


How to Find the URL of your website.

  • Sign in to Business Profile Manager on your computer.
  • Click Website.
  • More can be found on the left.
  • Your site’s address can be found at the top of the panel.


Get your own domain name.

If you want a custom domain name, such as “,” you can look for one on Google Domains and buy it.

To get a custom domain for the website you created through your Google Business Profile, publish it and then click “Buy Domain” when prompted (or from your account’s Settings menu).

After that, you can look for domain names to buy. Your website will be linked to your domain name automatically by Google.



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