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Green dot card – Transfer money to bank account

Green dot card – Transfer money from Greendot card to bank account | check balance on Greendot card

Banking online has been made easy online with a lot of bank competitors who need users to use their bank due to their fast payment and secured platform, Technology in our modern days now is more unique than the previous way it been done before, technology has moved to a high standard where security is very difficult to hack by scammers, electronic payment now allows users get authorized to their banking platform by security or secret PIN to avoid it from third parties.


A lot of people have fall victim to fake SMS and email messages by requesting their bank details and PIN and get accessed to their bank account to withdraw owner money, Do you need to know banking platform you can deal with?, You want to secure your money, Let guide you to know about Greendot, What is Greendot?, Green dot card?, Is it safe to use Greendot? transfer money from greendot card to bank account? check balance on greendot card?.


What is greendot

Greendot helps users to secure and manage their money in their green dot account, they offer groups debit cards that support direct sources, convenient cash deposit using green dot, secure your account, all day money security of cashback nor bills paying, fast direct deposit, good for saving, allow ATM access using the green dot card.

Greendot offer their customer through their retail and direct bank debit, prepaid, checking, credit and payroll cards, and huge money for its processing services, cash deposits, tax refunds, and disbursements.

Prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards are issued by Greendot, this is available in about 100 + retail stores, with Green dot, direct deposit transfer can be done to individuals through the US government to personal banks accounts with ease and its secure.


Green dot card

Green Dot Prepaid Card & Cash Back Debit Card

Enjoy lots of offers while using green dot card to shop online, pay bills and as well purchase all-time with the card, with green dot card, users can track the funds they spend and as well make deposits, Enjoy sending and receiving money from another green dot account using Green dot card.

Eligibility for green dot card Should be 18 years older to purchase, at the period of activation of Green dot card, ensure you activate your mobile number, online access, verification of identity that requires your SSN as well, to enjoy all features.

What Greendot card offer

  • Enjoy fast direct deposit and stop waiting for the queue, enjoy no charges of chasing fee, money gets automatically deposited into your green dot account, Ensure details you give at the period of deposit correspond with the name on your SSN and your green dot account with no missing letters, you won’t get a deposit of payment through green dot due to wrong match name of recipients.
  •  Enjoy no transfer fee on green dot card, send money from bank to greendot account to secure your account complete and available to use.
  •  Shop anywhere Visa debit card is accepted with easy pay with your Apple pay, Samsung pay google pay. ( This feature is not available for cards that are sold in Puerto Rico).
  • Enjoy mobile banking anywhere rather than visiting your bank, log in to your Green dot mobile online banking, check your account information, transactions, and more you need to know more about on your mobile app.

Note: Green dot prepaid visa card charges $7.95 fee monthly, ATM Withdrawal fee of $3.00, and Reload fee charges of $5.95. You can be lucky if you load $1,000 in the previous month and your monthly fee will be waived.


Using green dot card outside the US will cost 3% of US dollar amount of each transaction you made, Paper check of 12 packs cost $5.95, replacement of the card including regular delivery cost $5.00, it takes 7-10 business days for it to get delivered, for quick delivery cost $15.00, this will take 3 business days, cash reload on green dot cost $5.95.


Where can I load my Green dot account?

The reload card won’t be charged by green dot, it will be charged by the green dot agent, this might change as well, to reload your green dot card and find location around you,

  • Go to greendot@theregister or
  • Tap on “Find location”.
  • Select how you want to reload your Green dot card, different options are available on how to reload your green dot card.
  1. Any available services.
  2. Reload with cash.
  3. Reload with online accounts.
  4. Reload with a check.
  5. Add money to Paypal.
  6. Pay credit card with cash.
  7. Buy a Moneypak.
  8. Add money to crypto wallet.
  • Select “Any available services”, you will be given fast location on services available on your location.
  • Input your Address or Zipcode to find location of green dot reload services around you.


Check available stores below to reload your Greendot card near you below

  • 7 – Eleven
  • ACE cash express
  • Circle K
  • CVS, pharmacy
  • Dollar general
  • Family Dollar
  • Rite Aid
  • Safeways
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart



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Check balance on greendot card

How to check greendot card balance through mobile phone

How to check your greendot card balance is easy without getting access to your green dot account, dial 866-795-7597, press 2 to go further and you will be requested to input your security number or your green dot card number to check your account.


How to check Green dot card balance online

  • Go to Greendot website or visit
  • Log in with your green dot username ID.
  • Log in with your Green dot password, always keep your password away from third party.
  • Tap on “Login” where your green dot balance will be display to you on the screen.



How to deposit cash using greendot app

Doing this will be available with cashback visa, unlimited cash bank account, debit card, visa debit card, and pay as you go visa, debit card. to deposit cash in your Green dot app using the app is detailed below

  • Access your green dot app
  • Go to deposit menu then tap on deposit cash
  • Tap on deposit cash using the app
  • Choose a retailer then create a secure deposit code on your phone.
  • Tender cash and show the deposit code to green dot agent or cashier at any store you choose, the deposit code will be scanned by the cashier or green dot agent
  • This will take 10 minutes to get deposited in your green dot app, it takes an hour sometimes depend on store.

Note: Deposit code will expire in an hour, ensure you fast with deposit you making


How to transfer money from greendot card to bank account

Transfer your money from your greendot card to your bank account very easy online very easy with the steps provided below


Greendot card app

Download Green dot app for free with no charges on your mobile device store safe and secure with any transaction you want to make on Green dot app

Green dot card app for iOS

  • Go to your Apple store on your iOS device.
  • Search for “Green dot card” in your store.
  • Tap on green dot image or icon in your App store.
  • Tap on download to get it installed in your iOS to enjoy green dot card benefits.


Green dot card app for Android

  • Go to your Google store on your Android device.
  • Search for “Green dot card” in your store.
  • Tap on green dot image or icon in your Google store.
  • Tap on download to get it installed in your Android to enjoy green dot card benefits.


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