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How to activate a prepaid virgin mobile phone – virgin mobile

How to activate a prepaid virgin mobile phone – Virgin mobile phone | Virgin Mobile


The Virgin Mobile SIM comes with a pre-programmed PIN. After you’ve inserted your new SIM and turned on your phone, you’ll be prompted to enter your PIN. Simply enter 7890 when requested. This will activate your SIM card and get you access to all of Virgin Mobile’s fantastic services.
It’s simple to activate your Virgin Mobile SIM card. You’ll be connected to our network in no time if you follow the steps below.

1. Insert the SIM card into the device.

First, determine the size of SIM you require. Three SIMS in various sizes – Standard, Micro, and Nano – are included in your package. Simply select the one that is compatible with your device, remove it, and replace it with your phone.

Are you unsure which size to use? Use our SIM size tool or consult the instructions that come with the device.

Do you need assistance inserting your SIM card? You can get assistance from the device’s instruction manual or the manufacturer’s support webpage.


2. Switch on your cellphone

Then, switch your device on. Simply press and hold the power button until the screen goes on to accomplish this.

To activate your new SIM card, you’ll need to enter a PIN when you turn on your phone. The Virgin Mobile SIM unlock pin section below will show you how to do this.

Do you need assistance turning on your phone? Find the location of the power button in your device’s instruction manual or on the internet.

3. Sign up on the Virgin Mobile network.

Next, wait for the Virgin Mobile network to recognize the SIM. This could take up to 24 hours, although it normally takes much less time.

Check the signal bar at the top of the screen to determine if your device has connected to the network.

Is it taking a long time for your network to activate? Why not connect your gadget to the internet via WiFi?

Virgin mobile prepaid activation number

You can activate it on a monthly plan in one of two ways. To do so, call 1-888-999-23211-888-999-2321 or go to a Virgin Plus store. Use a prepaid plan to activate it. Visit to activate your virgin phone number.



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