How to cancel google Play store auto renewal subscription

How to cancel Google Play store auto-renewal subscription

How to cancel Google Play store auto-renewal subscription -This app is very useful, as we know the are a lot of apps on play store which are all free. Then if you decide to access this character fully, you will need to buy it monthly/annual subscription for this app. Also, the subscription allows auto-renewal then the end of the recent billing period. In cases like this, you may feel like terminating the auto-renewal subscription due to the fact that you are no longer making use of the app.

How to cancel the Google play store auto-renewal subscription

  • This is very clear; this will allow installing the Google play store which is on your PC/android phone.
  • Now, view if you are signed in with the google account which you are using to purchase the subscription for the exact app.
  • Then, click on the three straight lines image which is at the top corner of the screen to access the menu.
How to cancel Google Play store auto-renewal subscription
How to cancel Google Play store auto-renewal subscription
  • At the menu, you will click on the subscription option.

How to cancel Google Play store auto-renewal subscription

  • You will find all your active subscriptions. You will need to tap on the app which you need to cancel.
  • The app can now be managed. Below, you will find the cancel subscription option. You will tap on this to get it.

The app will request for any charges of your money through the following month/year.


If you cancel your auto-renewal on google what happens next?

If you need to cancel the auto-renewal for the main app on your Google play store, this app can never restore your subscription by requesting your payment. It means you will be able to make use of this app for the main time which you will be charged for already. Although, when the periods end, you will no longer request the issues you will be having from the app.


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Stop a subscription

You will need to have a break of some app; you will have to cancel the auto-renewal subscriptions. Rather than, the best option which you stop it. You need to know that the stop option is not present for all the apps. Also, your app will have the option, all you need to do is to get to the manage page, as done in the above step.

Rather than canceling the subscription, you can click on the pause option.


How to restart a subscription

This is cool for you to return to the app after you have stopped to cancel the subscription. If you have to stop this, all you need to do is to return back to the page from the paused auto-renewal for the app, which means you need to manage the app. Then you will need to click on the resume options to enable subscription once again.


Although you will need to restart the subscription immediately you canceled it, then you might step down below maybe one of the ways.



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