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How to chat on Tinder

How to chat on Tinder

How to chat on Tinder – This is an app in which you meet new people, this is about sending a message to other users is different through how chat is created on other dating apps. Let discuss how to chat on Tinder


How it works

Similar to other social media also dating apps that allow you to send message straight to other users need both parties to get perfect interest to each other rather than communication leaked.
It states that you need to drag it right on user profile to register your interest within them also they will get to drag it right on your profile to let them know you are interested in them. Immediately these two parties have drag right on each other, you will both get a notification around the app about new match also you can now need to add each other chat tab.

It can need a bit of patience for other users to check your profile also like it when you liked them but, if you are liked by them already, you will be notified with immediate effect of the match as soon you drag to the right.

Though, when other users did not see your profile or select to drag left on it which might be uninterested, match cannot be done and will never receive message from each other on Tinder.



How to send message on Tinder App

Immediately you have been matched with a user on Tinder, you can also send each other message through the chat tab within the device and tablets apps. Guidelines like this are similar for both iOS and Android versions.

 When you are matched with others on Tinder, click on the icon that is like a fire at the right top corner of the app.

Please ensure that once you are matched with each other after dragging to the right profile of the user, you might see a full screen giving you a notification to send a message to them. When notification like this shows, tap on it to begin writing a message immediately.


 You will see all matches on your screen that are listed horizontally across the upper that is a vertical list of sent messages below. Click on the image of the user which you need to message from the edge of the list.

How to chat on Tinder
How to chat on Tinder

 You will see a chat window which will open. Click on the text page with the bottom of the screen also input your message.
 Click on send

How to chat on Tinder
How to chat on Tinder

 Message will now be sent to other people also both of you will be able to chat just like your Facebook apps, Vero and WhatsApp.


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How to send message on Tinder website

Message can also be sent to other Tinder members on your official website. To get there tap HERE. To chat follow information below

Please ensure that since you are chatting on Tinder on App you can as well do the same on the Tinder website.

 Visit their official site by clicking HERE then log in to your account as done on your phone too.
 At the Left-hand side of your screen, you will find category of individual which you have matched with on Tinder. Tap on the profile of a user who you need to chat with

How to chat on Tinder
How to chat on Tinder

 At the bottom of the screen, tap on the next page where you need to input a message.

How to chat on Tinder

 input your message then tap on the Send button.

How to chat on Tinder

 your Tinder app is now active for you to chat

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