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 How to comment on twitter

 How to comment on twitter

How to comment on twitter – if you find your friend who tweeted about their self or you find a post which you love to comment, or you decide to make a report of any issues to any organization, you can make this done by commenting back.

It not compulsory you need to follow the individual or the company which you need to comment on the post, twitter helps us in getting the tools in a special way of not following them and still, we are commenting on their post, you can send and receive message on twitter similar to other social media platform. Now let not go too far about saying all about twitter, let discuss how to comment post of twitter.


How to comment on a twitter post 

  • Go to the official site of twitter on your phone, or your browser, you will need to log in with your username and password which you used in creating your twitter account, you can click on this link for fast link here, you can get this on your google play store by clicking on this link here, for your iPhone you click on here
  • Go to the post of the individual which you need to comment on their post to reply to their tweet by retweeting the message which will appear on the screen. Tap on “Reply” the symbol of @ will be beside the name of the twitter handle of the person you are commenting on their post.
How to comment on twitter
How to comment on twitter


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  • Input the name of the person or organization which you need to comment on their post beside the @ for direct message to the owner of the twitter account, ensure you know that the comment which you will be allowed to type in the comment box is about 140 or less, tap on “Tweet” if you’re now sending your comment, tap on the “reply” box.
How to comment on twitter
How to comment on twitter



Please take note that when you are commenting, it is showing to the public, it is not public unless your account is private, to send a private message, you can just send a normal direct message. Your direct message can only be sent to who you are following on your Twitter account. If you need to send a private message to the twitter handling page, you can just send a normal message without inputting the @ symbol. This cool right, now you can make use of this to comment and catch fun on the post of an individual if you know how to make use of it in an ideal way.


Trust me you will enjoy this; all you need to do is to read the steps and follow the pictures procedure too to avoid confusion.

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