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How to connect Instagram to Facebook

How to connect Instagram to Facebook

How to connect Instagram to Facebook – Both social media are the most popular social networks that are used with millions of people on a daily basis, actually, not everyone makes use of them. Few people only make use of Instagram, others are making use of Facebook.


Stuff like this, this can help you to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account that you can get your posts which you make use on Instagram automatically posted on Facebook too.


Advantages of connecting your Instagram account to Facebook

If you are linking your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can attach your Instagram page on Facebook, fun like this will know:

  1. Boost up the chance of your friends also followers who are seeing your post
  2. Keep yourself additional time from getting post which has the same content on different social networks
  3. Choose maybe you want to post on your Instagram article or post to maybe your Facebook profile or a page that you control.
  4. Get your entire Instagram post automatically launched or posted to your Facebook or temporarily choose the posts which you need to post on your Facebook from the post caption.
  5. Get your Instagram photo and video post will appear as Facebook photo and video posts which is meant to link to the main or exact Instagram posts
  6. Select maybe you need to send posts, stories you can also select both which are both your posts and stories to Facebook and Instagram.
  7. Get your Instagram stories automatically as posted By Facebook stories.


Please ensure that when you are linking your Instagram account to Facebook page which you need to control rather than your personal profile.


How to link Instagram account to Facebook profile

This can only link to your Instagram account to Facebook through your mobile app for iOS or Android. This can be done by signing into your Instagram account which is the main website


Please note that the guidelines beneath can help both iOS and Android users, actually screenshots give the Instagram app for iOS.


  • Access your Instagram app that is on your mobile device then sign in or turn to your account if prompted.
  • Click on your profile image to the right corner bottom menu.
  • Click on the menu image which is at the top corner of your profile.
  • Click on the gear icon or image, click on Settings at the bottom.
  • Click on account
How to connect Instagram to Facebook
How to connect Instagram to Facebook
  • Click on Linked Accounts.
  • Click on Facebook also input your Facebook login information.
  • Click on connect.
How to connect Instagram to Facebook
How to connect Instagram to Facebook

If you need to begin sharing your Instagram posts also storied automatically to Face book, click on start sharing to Facebook. When you need to stop the disabled and enable it later click on Not Now.


Please ensure that click the Not Now will secure your Instagram and Facebook linked. Actually, you can manually select which Instagram post which you need to post to your Facebook. Any time you set up a new Instagram post and see the caption link or tab, click on the Facebook icon to switch it on, you will find another popup which may appear requesting for you to automatically share your entire posts. Click on Not Now again to secure it manually.


  • In your Facebook tab, Instagram account is now linked to your Facebook profile through default, actually, you can change this post which is sent to Facebook page which you control rather.


If you need to click a page, click on the Facebook profile that is at the share to column. The category of Facebook pages that you control will show on the next page. Click on any page to tap it for you to make sure you can share your Instagram post.


Please ensure that you can also share your Instagram posts or stories to Facebook page or profile immediately. Also, you can select to share only your posts, only stories or together. You will need to click on the buttons close to Share your story to Facebook also Share your posts to Facebook to switch it on or off.


How to connect Instagram to Facebook
How to connect Instagram to Facebook

How to unlink your Facebook from Instagram

Login to your Facebook account go to settings>Account>linked Accounts then tap on Unlink Account.


you can also try to link your account back by following the above step, you don’t need to link it again since Instagram remember your login information.






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