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How to create an ad account in Facebook – Facebook Ads

How to create an ad account in Facebook –  Ad Accounts in Facebook Business Manager: Create a Facebook Ad Account


Advertise your business on Facebook, Facebook is the most used social media in the world, Do you need to promote your brand on Facebook? Facebook is the biggest advertising platform.

Do you want to learn how to create an ad account in Facebook? Let get started and give you tips on how to create an ad account in Facebook, you will have to create Facebook business manager account.


What do I need to know about Facebook business managers?

This is a free tool you can use to manage, secure your Facebook business assets such as ad accounts, business pages, Instagram account, and Facebook pixel.
Facebook ads are payments made to make an advert for you, this is where you can check your analytics, insights, and budget on your earning payoff.

Permission is available when using the business manager for admin access and employee access.

An employee can check view setting only for the business and be given assets, while admin can add, remove employees and partners, and as well change setting for business and ad assets. Before creating a business manager account, you must have a personal Facebook profile or account.

How to create an ad account in Facebook

– Go to, then tap on “create a business”
– A screen will display as a pop-up, carefully input your business name correctly, the name will be used to make ads for your business.
– Input your email address on the next page of your business to get notifications updates on your Facebook business manager.
– Then, input your business information, address, and website.
– When this is done, locate your email address which you used for business manager registration, and confirm the email address to finish creating your Facebook business account.

Connect your Facebook page to start running up ad campaigns on Facebook.

How to create and add Facebook pages to business manager

– Locate your business manager and tap on ” Business settings”, this is the wheel icon at the eft-side of your menu.
– Under “accounts” in your menu at the left, click on “pages”.
– Input the URL of your Facebook page you want to make as your admin and tap on “Add”.


How to create a new ad account in Facebook business manager

– Locate your business settings in your Facebook located on the left-hand side panel of your Facebook business manager.
– Tap on ” Ad accounts” below the “accounts” page on the menu located at the left.
– Tap on the “add” in blue color to access the dropdown menu in the button.
– Choose ” create a new ad account”. In this process, you will need to select ” Add an Ad account” or ” Request access to an ad account” by using the ad account ID, if no business manager owns the account.
– Give your new account name, now, choose your time zone, payment method, and currency. Please take caution when choosing your billing currency and time zone, fill it in carefully, you will not be able to make any changes immediately after you create your add account. Any changes done on these two, you will have to set up or create a new account.
– Choose if you need to use your ad account for business or another third-party business, After you are done with choosing, click on “Create”.

How to set up an ad account in Facebook

To set up an ad account for Facebook, you will need to set up an Ad account, this will be added to your payment method. To get this done, you will need to get it one immediately, only if you need to set up or create a new account. Get your account set up very fast and easy for advertising.

Facebook ad costs

Check below to know about the costs of Facebook ads.

$0.97 Cost-per-click (CPC)
$7.19 Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM)
$1.07 Cost-per-like (CPL)
$5.47 Cost-per-download (CPA)



How to create and add a new payment method for a Facebook business account

– Input your ad account setting in your Facebook app or browser, then click “Payment settings”. On the page, you will add your new payment method, set your spending limit, edit your existing methods, then check your next bill.
– Click on ” Add payment method” in your payment settings.
– Choose on the method you will be adding, Paypal, debit or credit card, supported account depending on countries accepted, local manual payment in supported countries as well.
– Input your information needed.
– Tap on ” Next”.


How to edit payment in facebook

You can edit your payment immediately you create or set up your payment methods, choose one primary method, this can’t be deleted, to make an amendment, you will need to create another payment option as your primary option before you delete your primary method.

What do I need to know about the billing threshold on the Facebook business page?

The billing threshold will be charged by Facebook at the end of the month for any leftover costs. This is automatically created to $25 at the beginning, this will be raised automatically to $50, $250, $500, Then $750 for the final billing threshold if you keep spending and your payments are correctly processed.

You are not affected by Facebook ad campaigns by billing threshold. This helps you get notified when you will be charged, lower invoice dealt with, height the threshold, billing threshold can be secure and manage by billing threshold through Facebook Ads manager.


How to create or set up an ad account spending limit on Facebook

To minimize or reduce your spending, Facebook is here for you to help you manage your spending. Your entire ads will hold once you get to your limit, No charges will apply anymore until you increase or remove your limit.

Your ads will hold for about 15 minutes when you get to your limit, this is not proper when you are promoting a large sale or a time-sensitive offer.

If you need to create or set up your account spending limit, locate your ” payment settings”, then tap on ” set your account spending limit”, this section is below” payment methods”. Input the amount you want to set up for the limit, then tap on “Set limit“.


How to create or set up notification settings for business manager tool in Facebook

Get notified of all you set up on your account to keep updated on what’s going on in your account. Create add account notifications for Facebook easily following :

– Go to your Facebook business account and locate “Business settings” in your business manager.
– Tap on “Notifications” on the left side of the menu.
– Push all the toggles to set up what you need to get notified on through, Facebook, email notifications.



How to create or set up permission to users in Facebook ads account

– Locate your business settings in your business manager then click on “Ad accounts” located on the menu at the left.
– Now, you can add up new users to your ad account, edit the permissions of users who are associated with your account already. Then tap on ” add people” to set up or add new users and create their permissions.
– Assign the following permission when you have selected a user: View performance. Manage campaigns, Manage created hub mockups, or manage ad account (admin access).
– To add the user, click on “Assign” with the assigned permissions.


How to create or set up Facebook ads

Manage your bids, optimize your campaigns, monitor performance, select target audiences, and A/B test your campaigns with Facebook ads manager. Access your Ads manager through your business manager from the left side menu.
Create Facebook ads easily in ads manager by following the steps below.


– Set up a new Facebook ad campaign

Locate your “campaigns ads” tab in your Facebook ads manager, then tap on the green “create” button.

– Choose your campaign objective

Choose your campaign objective properly base on your business achievement or goals.

The traffic, engagement, app installs, Brand awareness, reach, video views, lead generation, catalog sales, conversions, and store traffic are the available objectives.

If you don’t have data and Facebook pixel on your website, you can use ” Brand awareness” or ” Reach“. if you bring together enough data, select “conversions” as your campaign objective.


– Give your campaign name

Choose a name for your campaign, this is recommended if there is a report from any of your campaigns, mostly, if you want to plan to launch multiple campaigns in advance.

The target audience and location can be included in your campaign name. when you advertise for your client, it’s recommended that you include their name.


– Select ad placement

To place Ads, this is decided by your campaign objective, choose them manually or allow Facebook to choose the placements for you through using the default ” automatic placements“.

Facebook placements:

News Feed
Right Column
Video Feeds
In-Stream Videos
Search Results
Instant Articles


Instagram placements:




Messenger placements:

Sponsored Messages


Audience Network placements:

Native, Banner, and Interstitial
Audience Network Rewarded Videos


Make use of Facebook pixel for tracking

Implement facebook pixel on your website to get in touch with your audience. This will help you track your Facebook advert account and implement it on the header section of your website.

This helps to catch exact actions visitors display on your site, you will be offered data and insights to aid in refining your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns to increase performance.
Show ads to the various audiences with Facebook pixels depending on your information, this can be used to create a similar audience to get new customers.

To get this done, create a Facebook pixel and install it on your website, after, create the events you need your pixel to track. then you can use your pixel information for audience targeting.

How do I recover my disabled Facebook Ad account?

– Go to helo center, click on “chat” when you scroll down, click on “contact our support team” you will be notified by Facebook of the estimated time to wait.
– In the “Contact support” fill in the information needed. Your information will be looked forward to, by the representative.
– Tap on “start chat”.

Form available to fill in recovery your disabled Facebook ad account

Disabled payments and Ads manager: Facebook ads account disabled by mistake, will need neccessary information to make review using this form.

Request review of restricted Ad account: Facebook ad account that is violated any facebook policies or standards will need to fill this form.




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