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How to do affiliate marketing without a website

How to do affiliate marketing without a website: How to do affiliate marketing without a website or blog | affiliate marketing for beginners 2021


An affiliate marketer is an individual who earns a commission for marketing a particular brand for a company’s products or organization. It’s done by making research of products they want to promote to earn profits from every sake they make on the product they make an advert on.


How to become an affiliate marketer without a website

Having a website is not only the way you can earn money, what about becoming an affiliate marketer without having a website and earning money? It’s not by creating a website having a domain or using HTML, JAVA, or other code as a blogger to earn money. You can try to do this in another way without spending any funds. Becoming an affiliate marketer is not by waking up the next day to become a day millionaire, it comes as a process gradually with time and dedication to achieve your goal.

A lot of Youtubers and other platforms require you to create a website and start posting links then linking up affiliate code to earn, this is also a good way to earn money, but you can as well earn money as an affiliate marketer without having a website, this might be tedious for you, nut we always know that who give up will get tired and frustrated, but we don’t want to suffer and beg our friends for money or wait for a manner to fall from heaven. That is why we are here to help you in earning by becoming an affiliate marketer without having a website.

Sometimes you go to an affiliate site who hire people to promote their brands for them, they require you to have a website before you qualify, website like Amazon and other affiliate program require you to have a website to promote their link through your website, but you don’t have a website, that doesn’t mean you should get tired or give up. Other platforms are available where you can earn up to $200 or more per month even if you don’t have a website, ensure you read this article carefully to understand all you need to know to become an affiliate marketer without a website.

Is affiliate marketing a scam?

No, affiliate marketing is not a scam or Ponzi scheme of you earning money fast, it works like creating a survey advert for a particular brand to help them market their products, and you get paid through a commission after a client or vendor click on the link and register or without registering.

Using the social media platform for affiliate program

Sharing of some affiliate links sometimes don’t go when you share them on some Facebook platform because of the community rules and you get banned of posting, sometimes you wonder why they get so strict on getting you banned for no reason because you not posting illegal or nudes a link, but you can’t judge them, everyone is trying to be careful with their pages.



Facebook has a lot of users and visitors all over the globe who make sure they visit their pages to read news and check on updates about what is trending in the world today. This is also one of the best ways you can get traffic for a lot of users to click on the promotion link you get from the brand you are promoting, you can create content on your Facebook page and run a Facebook advert, we all know we get commission on the advert we make for the brand we are advertising, ensure when promoting a brand, the commission should be a better pay off because you have to take a risk to ensure you get what they want.


Post the affiliate program link on Facebook pages, groups, forums, and other informative rooms that match up with the brand you promote. For instance, if you are making an advert for amazon, you check for buying and selling forum on Facebook or black Friday deals on the Facebook page, then you create better content to confuse the reader to ensure they click the link so you get paid.


As we know it is difficult to get follow back on Twitter and people to read your content on Twitter, do you know you can still generate traffic on Twitter through tags? they are lots of trending issue and tags on Twitter that occurs all day, so, you don’t need to bother if you are a friend to the reader or you are not a friend to the reader on your Twitter list.


You can share most on Twitter after posting it by tagging the post with the appropriate brands and similar brand title of the products you want to make promotion for, for instance, if you are making the promotion of sale for organic cream, you can create content, like “I got a smooth skin with the perfect organic cream and it takes off my spot away, have you tried this?” this is like an eye-catching text to catch the audience, as we all know people need to be confused about a product before they make the process about it. Then after creating the content you can tag it with content like #cream #organiccream #natural #body #beauty #lady etc.



If you have lots of followers who are real followers and are active, and they do not ghost mode followers, you can as well use your Instagram page if your followers trust you since you have lots of followers and you can get tons of likes on posts you make on your Instagram page, why not create write up of what you want to promote on your Instagram page and earn your money as an affiliate marketer.

Note: Ensure to always tag the products you are making affiliate program for just like the example stated, lots of tags have their post where they are all stored in each social media, lots of people visit there to check for what they need to know about, and if you are lucky and your content gets picked up, you will earn your commission once and individual click on it.


This is the best platform to get traffic from, lots of people prefer watching videos on solutions rather than reading about solutions, they get it boring reading through text on blog or article, if you are a YouTuber, you are lucky, you can promote a brand by making a video of the brand and posting the link in your page on youtube for people to click and you get your commission. Most people are introverts, but we know with the business we have to give out best to ensure we reach our goals and budget. With youtube, you can give details about the products you are to make an affiliate program for with ease.


To create content on youtube you have to use better content that people do search on most time to ensure you generate traffic from lots of people through an organic search of the content you created on youtube. For instance, if you are making a video about a dog, then you should create better content on, “how to train my dog”, who won’t want to know how to train a dog to listen to them? we all do even though we are lazy to train our dogs, but surely we will still try on how to meet up with training our dog by watching videos online. If they come across your site and they get to click on the promotion link about your making an advert for a company that wants to sell dogs, you can get lucky and get paid once an individual click on it or get a dog from the affiliate link which you copy from the company.

As an affiliate marketer, ensure you build a lot of traffic or followers for your account you are using to make brand promotion to create trust of your member and earn more than $1000 monthly, the more your traffic, the more you earning and commission received per click on all products you are advertising. Now, you can become an affiliate marketer without a website


How to get the product promoted as an affiliate marketer.

1. Cj Affiliate

This is one of the popular sites you can go online and sign up for, but it is most advisable for the U.S. base to use this because the payment method is very tedious to sign up for, but if you are from the U.S. you can definitely finish up the sign-up, but its best use for affiliate marketers who own a website, you will be offered rules and ensure you understand your customer before posting link before getting paid.

2. Amazon Associates

This is also a brand you can help promote their product with their affiliate link, when you help them promote a particular link of products to be sold out, once a client click on the particular products for purchase, you will definitely get paid, you can be used this in creating a better write up for it before inserting it in page or forum you want to make an advert on.


3. Nord VPN

This also has an affiliate program where you are offered links or HTML to paste just link other affiliate programs to promote brands and earn your commission very easily, as we all know consistency is the key to hard work and the big success of money.


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