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How to download YouTube videos to iPhone camera roll

How to download YouTube videos to iPhone camera roll

How to download YouTube videos to iPhone camera roll – YouTube makes use of much data that makes our data go exhausted so quick at an unexpected time, you can now save videos on YouTube to your iPhone with a better idea. This is just done by watching it offline.

You still need to watch the videos in the app. Now let go deeply on how to get what we are discussing on this site done, this will look quite easy.


The app that is meant for iPhone in downloading YouTube video does not last long, this step will help you save your data, you will need to install free app known as documents by Readdle, you can get this downloaded by clicking HERE. this is just like a file manager that is attached to a web browser, this makes it very easy to get your file downloaded and transfer your YouTube videos.


Now, you will browse to the YouTube video that you need to download, make use of the official YouTube app to get this done, you will need to open the video, click on share, then select “Copy Link”


Immediately the link you have gotten the link, go to the app you just downloaded (documents readdle), click on the icon at the right corner to get it the on-built browser. Now you will need to browse to a website that can help you to download YouTube videos.


How to save YouTube video on your iPhone

Click and hold the enter the video link, then select paste to add the link to your YouTube video. Click on the download button.

Wait a bit, the site will get the download links for your video. Move down, be careful at this point you will find some ads link a download link that looks similar like a download button, till you get the download video with a sound header. Click on the download button close to the quality that you save.

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You will need to save the file; you can create a name for description. It defaults locations to download is better, click on done to save it this can also uncheck if you need to save future downloads to similar folder most times.


Be patient, click the downloads button toolbar to check the progress of what you are downloading


How to move YouTube to your camera roll

Now, you need to move the video to your camera roll folder, click on the folder icon that is at the bottom left corner of the app to exit the web browser also go back to the previous file manager.

Go to your downloads folder click on the three-dots below the file that you just downloaded, select move, the page will show you a photos folder below my file. Click on photos to check it, tap on move button at the right top.

Now you are done, then open Photos app on your iPhone also you will see your new video, this will show at the side of your recent photos. You can also find it on your albums tab if you move down to videos below the media types header.


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