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How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome

How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome 


How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Chrome  – The dark mode is now what users of browsers make use of on their devices, this dark mode is now present on Google Chrome which people now love using it based on the outcome.

Now, our device is what we can make use of even in the night when browsing if you don’t have a light on your device, this dark mode will help you out to get the reading clear without the use of reader mode, this is somehow applicable to the battery keeping of your device



How  to enable dark mode for chrome on android

Ensure you have an updated version on your device, and your operating system is 74 or higher version of the chrome android app. Your version can be updated and when you download another Google chrome from your device play store. Immediately your version is updated, below will give you easy outline on how to enable dark mode on your android device

  • Go to your chrome browser and input the link chrome://flags/#enbale-force-dark in your URL browser or click HERE for the direct page, you will be direct to a chrome flag settings that will request to switch in order to check the dark mode option in chrome settings.
  • Click on the flag page search bar then input “android chrome UI dark mode” you will get to the flag settings directly.
  • Click on the arrow drop down and change the setting through default to enabled, then refresh your chrome or restart it
  • Now your app is launch again, click on the dot menu button, now move to settings > dark mode. Click the switch and chrome should now automatically change its dark theme. If you find out that it not working out, try to restart the app, this might take long before showing up.



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How to enable dark mode for chrome on iPhone

Actually, there is no dark mode for Chrome on iPhone, this step below will give you main clue on how to turn to your dark mode, it operates on your browser update. Google is still working on it, if it out, we will surely update you on how to get it done directly on your chrome.

  • Go to your iPhone settings then click General>accessibility>display accommodations
  • Switch classic invert to change the color of the entire device screen or smart invert to exclude the image but change the entire thing.


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How  to enable dark mode for chrome on window 10

  • Go to your settings, it has a setting which is on the colored background. This can be done by moving to the start menu then click on the settings.
  • Tap on the personalization, this is the fifth option in the main menu.
  • Tap on colors, this is the second option at the left side
  • Click on the arrow facing down, where you will find below the theme preview
  1. Light will allow the taskbar and start menu light and the light of the app
  2. Dark will allow the taskbar and the start menu dark and the app’s dark
  3. Custom will let you select the color which the taskbar and the start menu want. Through default, the taskbar is the dark and the apps are light
  4. Select dark, this will show while those for Microsoft Edge and Microsoft office, will require to be configured differently.



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