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How to fix broadband connection at&t – AT&T Wi-Fi gateway

How to fix broadband connection at&t –  Resolving broadband internet connection problems: AT&T Wi-Fi gateway or modem | gateway or modem


Communication helps to connect users to their family and their friends. commerce, business, work, entertainment, and education. AT & T helps in securing FirstNet, which is only nationwide network committed to linking their responders in any emergency. Trust AT & T for their wireless, 5G, and fiber connections in your daily life.

AT & T offers, wireless, 5G, Internet & fiber, AT & T business, Public sector & FirstNet, Disaster Recovery, Technology & innovation, WarnerMedia, HBO Max. Do you have an issue with your AT & T broadcast connection? learn How to fix broadband connection at&t.


How to restart your Wi-Fi gateway or modem

Get your internet up and running by restarting your Wi-Fi gateway or modern, ensure you have single gateways listed below that are compatible with the smart home manager

– Arris NVG599
– BGW210
– BGW320
– Motorola NVG589
– Pace 5031NV
– Pace 5168
– Pace 5268AC
– 2Wire 3600HGV
– 2Wire 3801HGV
– 2Wire 3800HGV-B

If you have the above listed, then:
Login to the smart home manager, then choose “Network“.
– Move and locate to choose “Home Network Hardware“.
– Choose Wi-Fi Gateway, then “Restart“.
– Choose ” Restart” again.


How to restart gateway or modem manually

– You will need to unplug the cord at the back of your gateway or modem.
1. Unplug your phone cord from your modem or gateway if you have SLD.
2. Internal battery backup should be removed if available.

– Hold on for 20 seconds.
– If the gateway or modem has an internal battery, put it back.
– If your gateway or modem has SDL service, plug the power cord back and reconnect the phone cord.
– Hold on for 10 minutes for the gateway or modem to restart, then your broadband light to turn solid green.

How to know the status light on the gateway or modem

Status Light State Description
Power Solid Green The gateway is on.
Flashing Green The device is powering up or a power-on self-test (POST) is in progress.
Flashing Red A POST failure (not bootable) or device malfunction occurred.
Broadband Solid Green Good broadband signal.
Flashing Green The device is powering up or attempting a broadband connection.
Flashing Yellow LTE device is in place, but not operating properly when a primary connection is working.
Flashing Red A broadband signal is detected, but the connection couldn’t be established.
Solid Red No signal on a line.
Phone Solid Green A VoIP line has been configured and registered.
Flashing Green Indicates ringing associated with an incoming call, as well as when a telephone is off-hook.
Solid Red One or more lines are not registered.
Off VoIP not in use or gateway is powered OFF.
WPS Solid Green Wi-Fi Protected Setup has been completed successfully. LED should stay lit for 5 minutes or until the button is pushed again.
Flashing Green Continues for 2 minutes, indicating WPS is broadcasting.
Flashing Red Continues for 2 minutes, indication a Session overlap was detected. This is a possible security risk.
Solid Red Error unrelated to security, such as failure to find a partner or WPS is disabled. The light should stay red for 5 minutes or until the button is pressed again.
Off Gateway is ready for WPS authentication.

How to fix broadband connection AT&T

Fix your home internet connection when having a problem fixing the broadband connection, check below on How to fix broadband connection at&t

1. For Wi-Fi gateway

– Reboot your Wi-Fi gateway to fix many internet issues very easily if you have the following:
i. Remove the internal backup battery
ii. Unplug your telephone cord and DLS services from your modem or gateway.

– Hold on for twenty (20) seconds.
– If the internal battery is applicable, put it back in.
– Put the power cord plug in, reconnect the telephone code if you have DLS service.
– Hold on for 10 minutes for your gateway or modem to get rebooted and your broadband light will turn solid green.

2. Service outages

Check for outrage that is affecting your service, this sometimes is caused by a widespread issue that affects the whole area.

3. Browsing issue

Log in to your AT&T account with your user ID and password if you have an issue checking your email online or surfing for your favorite web pages.


4. Gateway status lights

This will help you render valuable details about your internet status.


5. Internet connections

If you got a new device or you want to check for your Wi-Fi, check how to fix it here
To check for your Wi-Fi information, click on


– How to connect your device with your home Wi-Fi

Get connected to your Wi-Fi device in your home network. ensure your Wi-Fi network name and password are available before you continue this process (Most times, you can find your password on the side of your gateway).

i. Turn on your Wi-Fi device
ii. Choose your Wi-fi network name through your device’s wireless settings.
iii. Input your Wi-Fi password when requested.


How to connect your computer to your Wi-Fi network

Connect your window computer to your Wi-Fi network with the following guide below
– Switch on your Wi-fi if you have a switch or radio station button.
– In the display screen, start up your menu by tapping the Windows key + C key.
– Click on ” Settings
– Click on the ” Wi-Fi Network” icon, which will show you the available network.
– Click on the Wi-Fi network you will like to connect to.
– Click on ” Connect“, to connect all time, click on “Connect automatically“.
– Enter your Wi-Fi password in the security field when you enable the Wi-Fi network. The password is found most time on a label on the side of your gateway.
– Click on “OK” when you input an incorrect Wi-Fi password, your computer window will request to input it again.
– Access the Internet browser of your choice and browse.


How to connect disable Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS)

Problem with setting up wireless devices, such as laptops, check if your Wi-Fi-protected set up (WPS) on your Wi-Fi gateway is disabled. Your computer can be prevented by WPS from connecting to the Wi-Fi gateway.
– Connect a plug to your laptop into the Wi-Fi gateway using the ethernet cord.
– Access your favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, etc).
– Input in your browser address bar.
– A screen will display, scroll down then locate the “Top networking features” section.
– Choose the “Wireless” link.
– Locate the ” Wireless interface section“.
– Below ” Wi-Fi protected setup“, click on “Disabled“.
– Choose ” Save“. You can remove the ethernet cord from your Wi-Fi gate and wireless device/laptop and proceed with configuring your wireless devices. immediately when you are done.

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