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How to get a green card in the USA without marriage

How to get a green card in the USA without marriage: Green Card Without Marriage

Seeking to stay permanently in the U.S.,  you will need an immigrant visa, this is popularly known as a green card. Several ways are available that you can become a US.S green card holder, living and working permanently in the U.S.


The green card is of different groups, family-based green cards for spouses, siblings, parents, and children who are dependent on the U.S. citizens and permanent residents which is the first category, employment-based is the second category green cards, while the third one is known as the special immigrant green card.

You can get a green card in the USA without marriage if you carefully follow the steps in the article, ensure you follow the procedure, and don’t make mistakes to avoid termination of your application as an applicant or employer who is applying on behalf of an employee.


Foreign nationals who have the right skill sets, special abilities, competence, and outstanding academic qualification will be given the privileged to work and live permanently in the United States having different ways, beginning with employment-based immigrant visas.


Investment-based green card

Another immigrant option is EB-5 Investor green card, this is for foreign nationals. Entrepreneurs who are foreigners who are willing to invest a minimum of $1 million or $500,000 in a United State enterprise is what this green card is all about. This will be best if you can invest this amount, you don’t need to get or wait for a job offer in the United State. Investment is very important in an approved EB-5 business. This most preserve at least 10 U.S. jobs.

Employment-based green card

Employment-based green cards are provided to foreign nationals that have a job offer through the U.S employer. Employers sponsor most of these green cards and they are issued under the EB immigrant visas. Foreigners who are inside and outside the U.S. are given the opportunity for an employment-based visa, this is issued if they are working for an employer already or have gotten a job offer through a prospective employer, the petition will be filed by the employer on behalf of the employee. EB-1 first preference, EB-2 second preference, EB-3 third preference, and EB-4 fourth preference are the employment-based visa. Some are required for skilled and unskilled workers, while some possess extraordinary skills or advanced degrees and each of them has various requirements.


Special immigrants a green card

To qualify for this, ensure that you must be one of the following
– Special immigrant juvenile
– Religious worker
– International broadcaster
– Employee of an international organization or family member of an employee, a member of or NATO-6.
– Iraqi or Afghan national that has served as a translator for the U.S. government if you are employed as an Iraq by the U.S. government or an afghan who is employed by ISAF.


Other green cards

Eligibility can apply for a U.S. green card if they have been living or residing in the U.S. as a refugee or asylee for the past year. If you have a T or U nonimmigrant visa, you can be qualified and apply for a green card.

– Study in the U.S.

Apply for a U.S. visa to study in any U.S. college to achieve in bachelor’s or master’s degree. This will get you a one-year post-graduate work known as Optical practical training. Going through the one year, get a boss to help you apply for an H1B work visa for you, after this, you get the boss to help you apply for labor certification through the department of labor showing evidence that you are non-American workers that are ready to take the job.

After this, you can get a green card through the department of homeland security U.S. citizenship and immigration service. It’s very difficult but, there is an option for a lot of applicants, those who have skills and little money to invest and no family in the United State.


– Win a green card lottery

Applicants from various countries who are below represented of immigrants coming to America, such countries like Fiji, Estonia, or Ukraine. For instance, for applicants that don’t fit in, required credentials will be gotten from spouses. Maybe the family members of the applicants also have green cards in the process. This is very general as descriptions, the option chosen must be further researched to pick down the entire information involved.


– Get married

Get an immediate relative who is at least 21 years of age, the immediate should be a U.S. citizen or a U.S. lawful permanent resident. You can get married to get this done, this must be genuine then should not be undertaken for immigration purposes. You need to be determined. They are two types of family-based immigrant visas:

1. Immediate relatives – it’s based on deep relationships with family in the U.S. who are citizens, citizens such as child, spouse, parent. Immigrants in categories like this are not limited to every fiscal year. The process usually takes a year or more.

2. Family preference – It’s mainly for distant, family relationships with a U.S. citizen and specified relationships with a lawful permanent resident. Immigrants of these categories are limited every fiscal year. It takes long years, maybes years or decades.

How to apply for a Green card without marriage

This depends on the category you are filing a green card application for, Although, some of the common forms and documents needed to get this done are:

I – 130 petition for alien relative
This is used for those that are getting applications on behalf of immigrant family members for a family-based green card


– I-140 immigrant petition for alien worker

Those applying for this, are those who want to apply for an employment-based green card, it will be filled up by the employer on behalf of you as the employee if you are applying for an EB-1 A or EB-2 with a national interest waiver. If your visa type needs a PERM labor certification, the employer will have to start the green card process by getting one.


– I-526 immigrant petition by alien entrepreneur

It’s used for the petition for an EB-5 investor green card.


– I- 130, petition for alien relative

It’s used for those who are applying for immigrant family members for a family-based green card.


– I-485, petition to register permanent residence or adjust status

I-140 or I-360 will need to be filed to get approved, then your priority date should be current. Ensure you file the most current edition of the form, the I-485 will be used to petition the USICS of your eligibility to become a lawful U.S. permanent resident, if you are already in the U.S. under a nonimmigrant visa.


What is the process when obtaining a U.S. Green card?

To get a U.S. green card, you will need to undergo some process to get your green card application done very easily, to get your general green card application process done, you have to follow the instructions below:

General Application Process

To apply for a Green Card, this is done depending on your individual situation. However, Below is the whole application process that every applicant should know:

  1. An individual must file an immigrant petition for you (sometimes known as sponsoring or petitioning for you). in this condition, you might be eligible to file for yourself.
  2. After USCIS gets your approval,  the immigrant petition, you will get a visa available in your category, you file either a Green Card application with USCIS or a visa application with the U.S. Department of State.
  3. Applicants must go to a biometrics appointment to tender fingerprints, photos, and a signature.
  4. Applicants must go for an interview.
  5. Applicant must receive get a decision for his/her application.
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