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How to import contact from iPhone to Gmail

How to import contact from iPhone to Gmail

How to import contact from iPhone to Gmail – Gmail has helped in saving a lot of in the past and present, you can make use of Gmail to back up and keep relevant documents that can be useful for us in the future.

You can also transfer your phone contact to your Gmail account to help in keeping your contact safe, in case of missing our phones or our phone been stolen. Now in this article, we are discussing how to import contacts from iPhone to Gmail and also how to import contacts from android to Gmail.


How to import iPhone contacts to Gmail

  • In your iTunes sidebar
  • Choose your iPhone device
  • Click on the info tab that is at the top menu
  • Sync contacts, tap/check sync Google contacts then tap configure
  • Input your Gmail account info

This is the coolest way to get your iPhone contact to your Gmail, you can as well download your contact from, you will click in All export



  1. Go to your GMAIL account on your iPhone for calendar sync:
    • Go to your iPhone open Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account> Google
    • input your credentials
    • you will need to enable ‘Contacts’



  1. go to your iPhone, open Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    • move to section ‘Contacts’
    • go to Default Account
    • choose your GMAIL account



 Transfer contacts from SIM card to GMAIL directly

This is so straight forward but only applies to contacts on the SIM card.

Go to your iPhone, open Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Import SIM Contacts. Choose to import SIM Contacts to “Google Mail Calendar”.



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How to import contact from iPhone to Gmail

if your SIM card is where you save your contact, you can import them to our google account



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How to import VCF file from iPhone, Andriod to Gmail

If your contact is saved on a VCF file, this can be imported to your Google account

  • go to your android, open your contact app
  • at the left top, click on menu>settings>import
  • click on VCF file, if you have many contacts on your android device, select the account that you need to save contacts.
  • Check then select the VCF file that you need to import




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