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How to install WhatsApp on Apple watch | WhatsApp on Apple Watch

How to install WhatsApp on Apple watch | WhatsApp on Apple Watch

How to install WhatsApp on Apple watch – Apple launched a watch which most Apple users and lover make use of, you maybe have the privilege to send or read iMessage and text messages on your wrist, have you tried WhatsApp? Which is the most popular WhatsApp messaging platform which has not yet have any update for similarity with Apple watch, though, appreciation goes to these apps, you now get WhatsApp on your wrist with other desired apps.

Apple watch support official

WhatsApp is an app present for all devices, it has it own official apps present for also iOS devices such as iPhones and iPad, likely android devices, Mac and Windows PCs and Windows phones, though, they are now no present support for Apple watch. Due to the fact that the third-party application is used to access and send your WhatsApp on your wrist


Apple watch Chatify for WhatsApp

The present application for adding WhatsApp on our wrist is Chatify. Character of the capacity to send and receive WhatsApp messages, check chat images, view emoji and stickers, listen to voice message, also see when you are writing back, this Chatify help you with all you need.


Please note that the Chatify is not an official application that was created by Facebook who is the owner of WhatsApp. Along with the entire third-party application has safety when sending your information.


How to set up Chatify in your Apple watch

If you need to set up your Chatify on your Apple watch, ensure that your Apple Watch is paired along with your iPhone normally and is an updated version. This step, it will help you know how to set up your WhatsApp on your device.


  • Tap on this link HERE which will direct you to your App Store on your iPhone
  • Download the Chatify on your Apple watch then you will be available along with a QR code to scan making use of WhatsApp.
  • Access your WhatsApp which is on your iPhone then choose the settings page which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • choose the WhatsApp web/desktop option, if requested, tap on scan QR code then tap on OK.
  • Along with your iPhone camera, make use of WhatsApp to scan the QR code shown on your watch by Chatify.
  • Messages on your WhatsApp should now appear on your Apple watch, you can make use of Chatify to keep watch on your WhatsApp messages from your wrist.


Is chatify free?

This app renders users pay a one-time fee of about $4.99 to unlock some character of the Chatify app. Since a lot of users are able to enjoy making use of free version to Chatify, any user who activates to premium is free to get faster download speed for in message media such as photos and videos. Also, there is no limit on how long you may search previous WhatsApp messages.


If you cant get this app downloaded on your Apple Watch, you can also try this means of making use of an available app like WhatChat by tapping this link HERE also WatchUp by clicking on this link  HERE

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