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How to make folder Apps on iPhone

How to make folder Apps on iPhone

How to make folder Apps on iPhone – If you are making folder on your iPhone which is a better way to minimize a lot of spaces on your Home screen. Joining apps together will also help in making them is very easy as unexpected on your iPhone, it cool when your app all your music app in a single file then your roaming about to check for music on your iPhone.

To create folder at once is not too clear, but you will learn a better way to get the third one, this is very easy. Now let discuss how to get this done on creating folder on your iPhone.


How to create folders on your iPhone

  • You will need minimum of two apps to add inside your folder. Choose the two which you need to make use of.
  • Gently tap then hold a since app till all your apps on your screen shake, it can also be used in the re-arranging apps.


Ensure that when making a folder on your iPhone 6S and 7 series, while for iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and XR, it is somehow tough. Due to the fact that their 3D touch screen which is present on them gives various presses on their screen. If you are making use of a model like this just make this touch light or you will try a menu shortcut. This is done with just a plain tap then hold is enough.


  • Move one of your apps on the other top, after the app looks like joining one another, move your finger off the screen. Release one app in the other creates folder.
  • The next step depends on the version of your iOS operating system.
  1. For iOS 7 or higher version, folder will need to be names then take up the full screen.
  2. For iOS 4-6, you will find the two apps also a name for the folder in a strip over the screen.


  • The entire folder which has been named based to its defaults, you can change the name. Click on the x image to remove the main name then input the name which you need.

How to make folder Apps on iPhone

  • When you need to join more apps on the folder, click on the wallpaper to end the folder. You will need to move the apps into the new folder.
  • Till when you have added the entire apps which you need to edit the name, tap on the Home button which is at the front center of your iPhone also changes will be saved. Similar to when you are re-arranging images.


Trick: if you are making use of an iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, or new, you don’t have any Home button to tap on, you rather tap Done which is at the right corner of your iPhone.


How to suggest default iPhone folder names

If you are creating a folder at start, your iPhone will suggest the name to it. Name will be selected depending on the APP store list which the apps in the folder arrive with. Just like, if the apps arrive through Games category, suggested name of the folder you are creating is Games. Now you can make use of a suggested name or add your desire own making use of instruction which is based on the fifth step above.


How to edit folders on iPhone

Maybe you have created the folder on your iPhone, you also need to edit it through changing the name, or maybe add or remove the apps also lot more.  You can get this done by

  • Click then hold the folder till it moves
  • Click on the second time also the folder will open, then its contest will complete the screen.
  • Step of changes can be done through
  1. The folder will be edit by clicking on the text.
  2. Join more apps by moving them in.
  3. Move out Apps from the folder by moving them out.
  • Tap on the Home button or the Done button to keep your changes done.

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How to remove Apps from iPhone folder

To get this done on your iPhone or iPod Touch, step below will guide you through

  • Click on hold folder which you need to move away from the app from.
  • If the apps and folder are shaking, you will take away your finger from it.
  • Click on the folder which you need to take the app away from.
  • Move the app out the folder also onto the home screen.
  • Tap on the Home or Done button to keep your changes in the new arrangement.



How to add iPhone folder on the dock

Four apps over the bottom of the iPhone live in known as Dock. Adding of folder to the dock can be done, you can get this done by

  • Drag the apps which are in the dock by clicking, holding then move it to the exact place of the home screen
  • Move a folder into empty space.

How to make folder Apps on iPhone

  • Tap on the screen or Done button based on the iPhone you are using to save the changes.



How to delete folder on iPhone

To delete folder is also similar as removing app. Now get this done with some seconds

  • Move all the apps out of the folder which you need to delete to the screen.
  • After you are done with this, you will find out the folder disappears.
  • Click on the Home or Done button to keep your changes done then you are done.


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