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How to protect your Bank of America

How to protect your Bank of America

How to protect your Bank of America – If you are bank of America user, and you might have received email which is similar to the bank of America which request you to tap on a link for you to get to log in and do some things where you are not supposed to make any correction on at an unexpected time, this might be an online email scam



About Bank of America scam

Most customers of bank are sometimes are selected by hitting emails checking for important information from users of bank of America to get their details or money stolen. Most bank of America are found of this, you need to expect this, due to the fact that the bank of America is the biggest banks in the U.S. it is mostly email scam which is not certain by stopping.


How Bank of America scam work

You will get an email with a bold headline, like “Online banking alert” or maybe “Password reset successful” when you click on it, name of the sender in the spaces will be occupied with bank of America, although, sender email is not approved bank of America email address. Email can also be approved by having the bank of America color also then Bank of America logo, also, having additional stuff to it.

The newer update of email address has a message which allows you to know the bank of America has updated their server also you are locked out from your account as a means. This is now further to let you know that you need to update your account information in way of getting access to your account. This will give a link for you to tap on to get this also a phone number call might be done is some ways.

Though, the message may be about your password reset which ahs be done successfully also may request you to tap in order to approve that you have truly reset your password. Make sure you don’t click on the link or give the number a call, the phone number maybe is illegal.


How scam of Bank of America get victims?

They have lists of emails which they thought are still in use; forwarding of the email will now be done by them thinking that those emails will enter their victim inbox but an unnoticed customer of bank of America won’t bother to click on this then put in their private information. All you need to do is to tap with caution by deleting the message to move away the email for better reasons.


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How to avoid scam of Bank of America

Don’t tap on any link or call any phone contact which was sent through email. When you make use of another tap by clicking on the link, you need to take note of the URL which is on your browser where you need to notice that it not a true website of the bank of America. You will find out also that the sentence or grammar used to send the message is not correct in spellings which the bank of America doesn’t make any error on. Phone number are likely inputted their so you can give them a call then tender your personal information. Bank of America will never request such personal information, maybe through the email address or phone number as they fetch out their website.


With this you should need to notice it, it allows you to know you are getting closer with online scam. Also, if your email sent to you is directed to your spam folder, you need to avoid it like that. Approved bank of America emails is not common in moving to your spam folder. When you need to check if your account information is updated, access it and check your account details then input in the search bar Bank of America, then tap on the page you see there. You will need to log in to your account then check your account information present there. Make sure you don’t click on the email to confirm your account information.


What to do if you are a victim

You will need to contact your bank as soon as you get information like that in your account, an indication of illegal activity is also an unapproved withdrawal of money from your account, unfamiliar debt of bills, credit deny unexpectedly, and loan which you don’t apply for either. Get in touch with your bank if you find out any of this act of fraudulent to close all your account.



Report the scam of bank of America

You will need to forward a police report base on how valuable the fraud went also ensure you get the report save with you so that you will need it as a proof which you were a victim of fraud to your creditors.


Send the scam information to the bank of America email address with this they can know about what is going on, make plans on it, tell other customer of scam going on to avoid them falling victim. Forward a report along with the federal trade commission through


Make sure you at alert when you notice any email like this a take quick notice of the scam going on as stated in this article.


Ensure you take a step in changing your password every three months and ensure the password is strong along with capital letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Please don’t tap on any link in your email which you don’t any business to do with, forward complain of any scam emails then delete it





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