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How to save battery power on android

How to save battery power on android

How to save battery power on android – Android device operating system has a lot of character which are Wi-Fi, GPS, also limitless apps. Actually, a lot of the characters give some damages to your device battery power then cause it to drain immediately, now if you are tired of your battery life of getting drain quickly this article will help you out.


  1. The power-saving mode will minimize your phone down a bit
  2. When you allowing notifications from your social media applications, you will need to stop this till you open the application


  • Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS if you are not making use of them. They make use of your battery live, when you are not making of them also, this makes use of your battery live, also when you are not making use of the internet.
  1. If you need to turn it off, you will need to move down from your screen to your screen. Move sideways also the menu, then click on it to switch it off.
  • Switch of any apps which you are not using. You will need to close the app by clicking on the back or home button, this might not be done fully, this app might continue to operate in the background and damage your battery. Go to your recent background and get rid of it manually, it also helps in notifying if truly is not operating on the background and making use of your battery power.
  • Make sure you put your device in a standby mode when you are not making use of it. You will need to click on the button and the display will go dark. This will help to minimize the battery power. If you need to move away from the standby mode, click on the power button again, this will help to unlock your device when it comes up.
  • You will need to turn off the phone vibration function. Click on the volume button at the top and down till you leave the vibrate mode. This may be a better idea to switch off vibrations for text messages also. You can now go to your settings>sound & display. if you cant get this in your settings for message, go to your applications>messages.



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You can also add this other advance setting

  • You will need to reduce the brightness of your display. Access your settings then click on sounds & display, click on brightness then move the slider to the side to reduce the brightness,
  1. When you are making use of saving mode, your screen brightness might be reduced automatically.
  2. If you are reducing our brightness, your screen will be rear to see, mainly doing outdoors
  3. When making use of the internet, your internet settings may have a shortcut to adjust the brightness.
  • You will need to set your screen timeout to the shortest length. This will help your device to switch off the screen when you select the duration of inactivity. Low the period, the lower the display will use. Settings options depend on the phone


  1. This can be found under your settings. Go to your sound & display then click on screen timeout.
  • When making use of an AMOLED screen, make sure you use a dark platform. This screen also reduces phone power usage by display black instead of white or any color. If you are checking your device you can also make use of dark google mobile.
  • Let your device to make use of 2G networks. When you access the internet, you can make use of the 2G mobile networks, you will get the EDGE network data and WI-Fi if you need it.


  1. If you need to turn on 2G access your device settings and click wireless controls. Move down to mobile network then tap on Use only 2G networks.



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