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How to save files as pdf on iPhone – iPad

How to save files as pdf on iPhone

On an iPhone or iPad, there are a variety of unexpected methods to interact with PDFs. The first step is to figure out how to get PDFs on your device and how to convert files to PDFs. I’ll walk you through the steps to save PDFs on your iPhone and iPad because it isn’t as intuitive as it should be.

How to Get a PDF on Your iPhone or iPad

You must first ensure that the document is on your iPhone or iPad before you can view, distribute, or modify it. I’ll also show you how to save images and other types of files as PDF documents on your phone. To save a PDF to your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

Open the app in which the PDF document is stored. I’ll use an email from the Mail app as an example. You may not be able to download PDFs if you use the Gmail app, and you’ll need to set up your email address in the Mail app to do so.

  • Select “Download Attachment” from the drop-down menu.
  • When you see the PDF logo, tap it one more to open it.
  • The file will open in the Files app by default.

 How can I save a file as a PFD On the iPhone and iPad

Almost all files in the Files app, whether text documents or photos, can be saved as PDF files. You may also save any photo as a PDF from your photographs app. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

Open the file you’d like to convert to PDF. I’ll use a photo from the Photos app for this demonstration, but the processes are the same for any file.

  • Select the Share icon.
  • Select Print.
  • Tap Print again.
  • You’ll notice that the file has been converted to a PDF document.
  • You can share it directly from here using another app.
  • Tap Save to Files to save it as a PDF document on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You can choose a folder or create a new one, or simply hit Save and it will be saved in the Files app’s default location.
  • If you’ve done this before, modify the name to avoid overwriting an existing file.
  • Toggle the text over to the image.
  • Once you’ve given it a name, press Done.
  • Tap Save. You’ll be taken back to the app where you first chose the image.


You now know how to convert a photograph to a PDF on your iPhone. Do you want to learn how to make a PDF on your iPad? On an iPad, the steps are the same. You’d have to convert a white page-sized picture or text file to produce a PDF from scratch using the Files app. On your Apple device, there are third-party apps that allow you to do even more with PDF.


On the iPad, how do I save a PDF?

The iPad and iPhone have the same functionality when it comes to downloading and saving PDFs. On the other hand, because of the iPad’s larger screen, working with PDFs is a lot easier. In addition, you may mark up a PDF on your iPad with an Apple Pencil.

If you work with PDFs frequently on your iPhone or iPad, you should consider downloading third-party software. While the Files app is great for basic editing, PDF Expert (free with subscription options) has more capabilities and was designed specifically for PDFs.



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