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How to turn dark mode on twitter

How to turn dark mode on twitter

How to turn dark mode on twitter – This is present for both android and iPhone that has two dark mode, one that has a dark blue background that is known as Dim also other with a black background which is known as Light out, this was created with AMOLED screens. If you need to select dark mode, this article will teach you on how to get your dark mode on your Twitter, please read this article carefully to avoid confusion, am sure you will love o make use of this character.


How to turn on Dark mode

  • Go to your twitter on your device or your phone browser
  • Click on your profile photo, this is at the left top corner of the screen
  • Click on the bulb icon, this might let you move down before you locate it. You will switch the dark mode; your twitter will show with a dark background with white text.

You can make use of this at night.

This step will also make you switch back to light mode if you don’t wish to turn on dark mode anymore.




You can as well try this feature also to turn on your dark mode

  • At the top menu, click on your profile icon
  • Click on settings and privacy
  • Click on the display and sound tab
  • Click on the dark mode slider to switch the feature on.
  • Select Dim or light out by clicking on your preference in Dark mode appearance
  • If you need to switch off the features, click on the Dark mode option again.


How to turn on Dark mode on iPhone

  • Access your Twitter iOS app ensure you are using the updated version
  • Go to your twitter settings and privacy in the menu
  • Move to your display and sound
  • Move down to switch on Dark mode
  • Choose the light out option.


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