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How to use Google hangouts on Apple watch

How to use Google hangouts on Apple watch

How to use Google hangouts on Apple watch – hangout is a unique communication service that lets users take part in texting, video chats, voice chat either in a group or individual. This is built into Google+ also Gmail and an app for Hangouts that is now available on both android and iPhone devices.

This app is not a safe app, sometimes, people can try to make use of your image that you share on hangout as a threat or scam. It was noticed by Gmail.


Hangout notifications cannot be received on Apple Watch, you can reply to chat quickly from your wrist. Let discuss tip on using google hangout on Apple watch.

Now you can now conversation, click on send when you got the reply noticed.



How to use google hangout on iPhone

  • Go to your iPhone or iPad, access your hangouts app
  • Click on add on the right bottom
  • Input or chose a username of a person
  • Input your message, you can make use of this app to send emojis, photos, stickers, locations.
  • Click on send



How to use google hangout on Andriod

  • Go to your hangout app by downloading it through your Google play store
  • Sign in to your hangout
  • Click on the add button at the right top corner of the app, you can move from right to left to get a new hangout screen.
  • Search for the person that you will love to chat with, username or email
  • Click on video call button
  • To chat with them, input your word in the chatbox then click on send
  • You can also send stickers, emojis, photos, videos, and locations




Hangout app

You can download the hangout app on your device, this will take you a few minutes and it very easy, all you need to do is to go to your device store and input “Hangout” you will find the result in the first search. Click on it to get it installed on your device. Or you can follow the direct link below to get the app on your device

For iPhone click HERE

For Android click HERE


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How to use google hangout on PC

  • Go to your computer, access your or maybe your hangouts in your Gmail. For users who have hangout chrome extension, your hangouts will open in a new window
  • At the top of the chat, tap on new conversation
  • Input then choose the username or email address
  • Input your message
  • On your PC keyboards tap on enter
  • You can also send stickers, emojis, photos, videos, and locations



How to use google hangout on Mac

  • Tap on the Apple logo on your mac that is the menu at the left top corner of your mac
  • Choose system preferences
  • Immediately you are in the system preference, tap on internet accounts.
  • Now you can now add your Google account id this is not added before
  • Now you have added it, turn on the option for messages.
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