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How to use WhatsApp on a computer

How to Use WhatsApp Web on Tablet, PC or Laptop

How to use WhatsApp on a computer | WhatsApp Web App

how to use WhatsApp on a computer: WhatsApp is the messaging app of desire for lots of phone users thinking about a remarkable one billion messages are despatched at the platform each day, however, whilst your battery is lifeless otherwise you do not have your phone to hand, you may all at once locate your self isolated without access to your messages.


By accessing your WhatsApp on a computer, But, you can make sure you are always able to communicate, mainly while you’re at work.Although it is easy to install WhatsApp on a tablet, and possibly on a computer making use of the same step with Android virtualization software, it’s not something techboardz approved.


The WhatsApp app may be active on most effective on one device at a time, way to have separate times on your phone and tablet you need to have separate accounts. Leaving apart the reality of your contacts may not recognize on which account to attain you, there may be additionally the small trouble which you want a completely unique phone number to set up every account.

WhatsApp Web is a much greater attractive solution for maximum users, making sure you can’t only examine and reply to messages on any device but send and receive images and movies too. The best part is it is absolutely free to apply and requires most effective a quick setup, after that you stay logged in until you actively log out.

We’ll take you through the short process below.


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How to open WhatsApp Web through browser on a PC or laptop

  1. Now, on your smartphone access WhatsApp, click on the three dots icon and select WhatsApp Web.
  2. Click on the + icon in the top right corner to access your smartphone camera.
  3. Now, on your device on which you need to access WhatsApp, go to now on your browser of choice. This will operate with Safari on your iPad if you need to access it through your tablet.
  4. Ensure you should now check a QR code on your tablet or PC show; direct the phone camera at this to link the two.


WhatsApp Web will automatically get accessed in the browser and will be active till you log out maybe on your computer or on your phone.

You can attain this to your phone by returning to the WhatsAppWeb menu and clicking on ‘Log out through all devices’, or to your PC by clicking the three dots icon at the top of the conversation thread, then tapping on ‘Log out.

How to install the WhatsApp Web app

Rather than logging in through your browser, WhatsApp additionally gives a laptop user for PC or Mac, bringing more capability which includes complete notification help for keen desktop chatters. Maybe you making use of WhatsApp Web every time, it’s a very simple option, and it can be downloaded from immediately.

Tap on the green Download button to get it downloaded, then the installer file will be on your computer. Immediately you got it downloaded, search for the file (this is mainly in your Downloads folder) and double-tap on it to install it.

Now on your Windows PC, you must follow the steps in the installer, and on a Mac, just move the WhatsApp icon into your Applications folder to get it done and then install.



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Get your WhatsApp desktop app and you’ll be welcomed by the close-identical WhatsApp Web platform. Together with the browser version, you’ll be requested to scan a QR code, so get your phone, open the settings menu and select WhatsApp Web. Then link the phone’s camera to the QR code shown on your pc screen. 

Now you with the browser app, the desktop app will guide you logged into WhatsApp till you select to log out. The same way your WhatsApp operates on your phone, that is how it works on your PC, now you can text your friends and love ones.



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