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How to use WhatsApp on computer

How to use WhatsApp on computer

How to use WhatsApp on computer – As we all know that this app is large and present for all mobile device also iPhone, blackberry, Andriod, Nokia also windows phones, Apple watch, actually, there are not free web client which allow it to be easy to access the WhatsApp page on a computer through a web browser.

You can make use of this step on both your Mac OS X 10.9, window 8 also other new versions.


WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop

This is a huge program that is made for users who are making use of WhatsApp. This is compatible with the keyboard shortcut when chatting also notifications can be sent straightly to your desktop

The WhatsApp web is simple when you are on a new program. You will need to log in to your WhatsApp website through any browser. Your entire message will show immediately on your computer, no matter any computer you are making use of your message will show. Even if it is general or private. These two versions of WhatsApp allow you to send pictures also other files like the mobile version.


How to make use of WhatsApp on computer

If your mobile device is not with you, you will need to download this on your phone before creating WhatsApp on computer. Immediately you get this done, go to WhatsApp web by clicking HERE through the WhatsApp download page by clicking HERE. Using the desktop version, tap on the download link which matches with your computer operating system on Windows or Mac.

How to use WhatsApp on computer
How to use WhatsApp on computer

Immediately you open this, the process for setting up of the WhatsApp desktop program also web user page is similar.

  • Access your WhatsApp on your phone
  • Click on the chats tab, then click on the three straight dots to access a list drop menu.
  • Click on WhatsApp web.
How to use WhatsApp on computer
How to use WhatsApp on computer
How to use WhatsApp on computer
How to use WhatsApp on computer
  • WhatsApp client will access this once then show you any messages which you have on your phone. Minimizing your WhatsApp on your phone can be done, you can now make use of your computer.
How to use WhatsApp on computer

Please note that you will get your phone connected to the internet when you make use of the WhatsApp web client. It will help in syncs straight with your mobile device, you will need a better Wi-Fi connection to get rid of data charges.


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WhatsApp desktop Vs web characters

They both help you to browse on your hard drive for photos, documents, video which you send through your chat platform. When your computer has a webcam, you will need to do this straightly to get photo that you can send through chat. Tap the paperclip which is at the right of the chat window to check a list dropped menu

Other character is similar to WhatsApp desktop is voice messages. Begin with a recording by choosing the microphone on the right bottom of the platform.

How to use WhatsApp on computer

Some feature which is on your mobile device is not present on your computer. Just like options of not inviting friends through the address book to join WhatsApp, you can’t share location also map on your browser either.





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