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ID me student verification – student verification

ID me student verification |  Verify Your Student Status Online: ID.ME – My Account


Verify your identity if you are a member of the military, a student, a teacher, a first responder, or a nurse, in gaining access to popular brands.

The ID.ME is partners with a lot of government agencies and health care providers, they render digital security for identity verification for government agencies and healthcare providers to ensure you are not a scam or pretending to be who you are not in requesting the services online.

The service is used by millions of individuals and hundreds of partners, also with federal and state agencies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, retailers, and non-profits.


Who is eligible for the student ID.ME affiliation?

Students must be enrolled in accredited government-recognized public or private university or college that provides degrees or certificates in the U.S. or Canada if they need to be eligible or verify status as a student.

Eligible students include:

– College Students
– University Students
– Community College Students
– Junior College Students
– Technical or Vocational College Students

What is the document needed to verify ID.ME student staus?

If you need to verify your ID.ME status, you will need to upload one of the documents listed below:
– Transcript showing current enrollment
– Enrollment Verification Letter from the Office of The Registrar (not an acceptance letter)
– Student ID Card (with a valid, unexpired expiration date)

The entire document you will be uploading should show your full name, university or college name should be valid, with your date of attendance. Verification letters and transcripts should show the dates of enrollment and your status.

Why is my ID.ME student verification not successful?

Wrong Attemption when verifying your ID.ME student verification cause your registration to be unsuccessful, the following below might be the cause of unsuccessful verification.
– Wrong input of your information that is not matched with your official records.
– You might have a matching identity that exists in ID.ME system.
– Incorrect input of information.
– Your profile might have been frozen.


If verified what should I do after my student ID.ME verification?

When you verify your student ID.ME and if you haven’t done it, go to ID.ME account page, go through the information then tap on “Sign-in & security”, set up the multi-factor authentication to get your account secured.

You can shop with your ID.ME shopping website to check what’s new for students, check for top brands, featured offers, items to manage your money through links or coupons for any deals you want to make.

How to verify ID.ME student status

– Visit ID.ME account page
– Check for the “My IDs” section, click on “Manage IDs“.
– Check for the “Student” card, and click on “Add”.
– Click on the verification option and go through the information shown or displayed.

If you need to confirm your school enrollment option, ensure you are a current student. If you are a fresher or you hvent join classe, clikc on “Upload student documentation then upload acceptable documentation displaying your status as a student.

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