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iMessage games for money

iMessage games for money – How to play iMessage games on android | iMessage games: play iMessage games on an iPhone with your contacts


iMessage is the text message apps on the iPhone used for sending SMS, Apple release a new dimension allowing the iMessage has games for game lovers, iMessage games, iMessages on iPhone do not offer only games, not offer a lot of features such as stickers, share music, videos, documents and more to people on your contacts.

Updated iOS 11, 12, and more are to enjoy these offers, download lots of iMessage games to play, and have fun with your friends on your contact list in your free time. Games on iMessage are well designed very simple and easy to know, play games on iMessage turn by turn, and keep playing till you win your opponent.


How to play iMessage games on android

It is not possible for individuals to operate iMessage apps on android devices for their phone operating system difference, iMessage app is an end-to-end encryption system on iPhone only, with this technique, lots of people love buying iPhone for its difference from other devices. Play the iMessage game on your android by downloading weMessage on your Google store.

  • Install a java SE development kit on your mac device, to go this, go to your mac application, select utilities, open the terminal app that is installed on your device already, tap on java then click on the return option.
  • When installing Java, ensure you find out no error, if you find any, no java will be available, download the latest version of JAVA.
  • Download the weMessage app on your device.
  • Click on it twice to launch the weMessage, after opening the message application folder.
  • When running the app and find any problem with the weMessage application on your device, go to your system preferences found in the menu tab of your Mac.
  • Click on the Apple menu, then tap on security and privacy, click on general tan then select open anyway.
  • Enable some accessibility features on your Mac, Locate your system preferences, tap on the security and privacy option, select and click on accessibility.
  • If you need to unlock your settings on your device, tap on the lock icon that is close to the left bottom of your mac, input the password you used on your mac if required.
  • Click on the +, locate your application option the choose utilities.
  • Tap on the terminal then click on the open option
  • Click on the run. command option twice to open the weMessage program on your mac, this will launch on the terminal window.
  • Email address on your iMessage account will be used.
  • Input passcode
  • Use different passcode, passcode should not match with iMessage passcode.


How to use weMessage on an android device

  • Go to your play store and download weMessage app.
  • Install and open weMessage app on your device
  • Tap on continue option then click on allow when it requests your permission to access your messages.
  • Slide the toggle to allow modify system settings then click “ON”.
  • Go to your system preference where your IP address will be needed, choose the network, and tap on advanced, TCCP/IP. the IP address will be in IPv4 address.
  • Now go to your weMessage then input your IP address.
  • Input your email and password you input on your Mac device.
  • Launch the sign-in page.
  • Now you are done, you will be directed to the conversation page if you follow the procedure properly.
  • Send messages from your android device to iMessage on an Apple device if your message show in blue bubble when you finish. Connect to wifi connected to your MAC to enjoy weMessage.


List of iMessages Games to Download and Play on Android Devices

You can play GamePigeon for Android

  • StickyMonster
  • Quiktionary
  • Four in a row
  • Cobi Hoops
  • fastThumbs
  • Wit- What is this
  • Checkmate
  • Mr.Putt


iMessage games for money

Game lovers gamble to gain money when they beat their opponent, iMessage members are found on social media where they meet their game mate by swapping their cash tags to play to win, if you lose the match you will give the money to the person who wins the game. Find iMessage game lovers who play iMessage for money on the following social media, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and more.


How to play iMessage games on iPhone

Download games of your choice on your iOS app store, play to challenge your friends.


List of iMessages Games to Play on Gamepigeon

  • 8 ball
  • Sea battle
  • Basketball
  • Archery
  • Word games
  • Darts
  • Cup pong
  • Mini Golf
  • Knockout
  • Crazy 8
  • Four in a row
  • Chess
  • Mancala
  • Dots & boxes
  • Gomoku
  • Reversi
  • 9 Ball
  • 20 questions

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