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Is blogging or YouTube more profitable

Is blogging or YouTube more profitable: Blogging vs YouTube | difference between YouTube and blog |blogging vs YouTube 2021


Content goes a long way in starting up as a blogger or YouTuber, starting with a niche that is viral, you can start up with YouTube. If you prefer writing, go into content writing that you understand better, if you are an introvert who can’t face the camera, you can start up with a blog, this is more preferable.


Is creating a blog site a good idea to earn money, or should I go for YouTube?

To meet up with what is going viral and covering up a highly competitive niche, We recommend you start up with YouTube rather than blogging. Blogging is very easy, to begin with, or make sales on, while youtube is easier and less competitive for organic views. What are you deciding to start up with? a blog or a youtube channel?


Both help in growing brands and giving relevant information as it is today, you can work from home and be your own boss as a blogger or YouTuber by earning money on them.


What you need to know about A blogger and a YouTuber

– A YouTuber will have to face the camera, to start filming themselves, this is very annoying and frustrating when you don’t have anyone around you to assist. You get awkward for starting up a youtube page because you are feeling weird about facing the camera and setting up the camera properly to avoid mistakes when making youtube videos.

We all know practice makes perfect, the more you keep doing this gradually, you get an easier way to create your content as a YouTuber. But if you are an introvert, why don’t you start us with a blog? this is also an option for you. Create a blog everyone in the world can see and understand your write-up about what your blog is all about.

A blog is about writing up content on what you need to let people know and what they need to learn, while a YouTuber needs to make a video about the content or discuss some vital information which is only the difference between them.


Skill is required, A blogger will need to know the basic content to be published, you don’t need to upload your photo on your post as a blogger only if you want to set up your profile as the content owner of your page, a blogger should know about Grammarly words and tools to help your solve out your grammar errors, in some article as a blogger, you don’t need to design for so long where you need to make use of some tools to create an image with better graphics, but you should know little about design when you need to create a better logo for your website.

A blogger should have knowledge of SEO (search engines optimization), this will help a blogger to set up the plugin and know content to write in creating keywords to help rank their content to google so everyone in the world can reach out to their blog through google as an organic search.

A YouTuber will need the skill of a photographer for its youtube channel, you will need to present a video, so as a YouTuber, you should know more about graphics as well. Learn how to record video appropriately as a YouTuber and set up the accurate background for your videos, lighting, and as well using camera settings for quality video.

Software editing is needed, to help you edit your video and give it better graphics to allow the audience to view your content clearly. You don’t need to go deep on this, just minor editing to ensure it is not blurry. Thumbnails are very vital as a YouTuber, this will convince the viewer to view your video or not.

SEO is also important for YouTubers as well, this will help you rank your youtube by catching write up to generate more views of traffics to your youtube channel.


Tools for creating your content as a content writer, As a blog owner, you will need a laptop or PC with a good internet connection, the camera is used often, it depends on the kind of blog you starting up such as adventure photography, food, fashion and so on.


As a youtube owner, a good PC or laptop is needed with strong internet, a Camera with good quality is needed for making your video content, you can as well use a quality phone camera, it’s more recommended to use a camera.


Recording can occur depending on the content you are creating, the microphone is not compulsory, it’s used only when necessary to record voiceovers or you need to explain your content or the products you are advertising. Software for video editing is needed for basic editing of the video content you are about to publish on your youtube channel.



Niche competition, As a blogger or YouTuber, as we all know they are lots of content out there that are similar but has different write up which is known are keywords, if you want to write trending content as a blogger, for example, there is a trending content of, “How to buy men wears”, and you know if you had to write up this article, your site won’t rank so fast because lots of websites that exist before you have written about it already, but you don’t need to give up, you need tools, such as Ahref, Semrush, keyword planner and other tools to create a keyword for you, or you can change the write up “Where can I buy men wear”.

Ensure you don’t write similar keywords, the same applies to a YouTuber, change your write-up after creating your video before posting them, so you can get viewers searching for the same key content you posted.


SEO and Keyword research, Learn how to create keyword research to rank above other blogs and youtube channels. Search for content that is not competitive or difficult to rank with, ensure the content or keyword will generate viewers or readers to your blog or youtube channel.


Own a platform to establish your content. WordPress is used by bloggers, and you will need to purchase a domain, host as a blogger, and how to set up your website as a blogger.

Owning a blog platform is for your personal use and allows viewers to visit your website. Youtube is a channel and can be shut down anytime youtube change the algorithm of their platform that you won’t be able to control. That why choosing a blog is preferable where you can handle your website, if you have any errors on your blog site, you can set it up easily.


How to monetize as a blogger and YouTuber

Monetize on a blog

As a blogger, you will need to allow brands to post ads on your content for you to make money, every impression on the ads as commission, you can monetize as a blogger by applying for Google Adsense, Cj affiliate, Clickbank, Ezoic, Adthrive and so more.

Using affiliate links in blog posts is also recommended in allowing you to earn a commission whenever any viewers click on it by purchasing or visiting the link. You can as well sell digital content


Monetize on a youtube

Monetize as a YouTuber by applying for Google Adsense, Cj affiliate, Clickbank, Ezoic, Adthrive and so more. Using affiliate links below your content write-up in your video content page, it’s also recommended in allowing you to earn commissions whenever any viewers click on it buy purchasing or visit the link.

You will be paid for promoting brands or products in your video. Selling of products, having a side blog will be required to get this done.

What are the costs to start up Youtube or a blog?

A YouTuber will need to get a camera, microphone, video editing software, camera stand, in a total of $700 or more like a budget.

While for a blogger, Hosting, domain name, themes, you can get themes for free, you can decide to switch to the premium theme later which might cost $40 or more, in total will cost $100 or more.



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