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Kik messenger – Add friends on kik messenger

Kik messenger – Add friends on kik messenger | find friends on kik messenger 


We have been trying a lot of means to send messages to our friends and love ones very fast and easy to avoid cost of sms charges , a lot of messengers are available to chat with our friends and family as well as meeting new people around the globe.

Sometimes we do visit new messenger apps to look for our match and date for serious relationship as well as blind date , we have all go far in making things work out for ourselves in order to ensure we give our best in all we do.

Kik messenger is here for you to help you get your dream chaser from abroad, you can meet a lot of people and text them as well on kik messenger with no cost, just install the app and create an account with them to enjoy all their features.


How do kik messenger work

Kik messenger work like other social media app where you chat and text stranger to get to know them and make video calls and audio calls, on kik messenger you can as well join different groups on kik messenger to meet different people.

As we all know they are a lot of fake profile out there , ensure you careful with who you texting on all messenger apps , verify them yourself by requesting for a video calls so you don’t fall victim.

During 2019, high rate of fake profiles was announced, lots of people fall victim which they fall in love with fake profiles then give out their money to fake profiles , ensure you get to know who you texting before taking any steps.


What is kik messenger used for ?

Kik messenger is used for games , chatting , sending stickers, GIF, video , photos . On Kik messenger, your real name is not required to open an account , just create a username and register your information needed to be an account owner on Kik messenger.

Kik messenger don’t expose your information to other people using Kik messenger only if you have to reveal your details to them through telling them yourself, ensure you safe with kind of people you meet and give your information on Kik messenger.


Information given out on kik messenger or any of important content or privacy content media of you can’t be tracked or traced , you need to be very careful with who you want to send your information to, if to be trust or not , avoid fake profiles as well.



Kik messenger is more or less like a dating app, meeting new people and texting them to get along, it can lead to better ending that no one can tell about it , we always give trial in all we do even though we have been through a lots of relationship.


Kik messenger app is available for both iOS and Android devices , enjoy the apps on your device and meet new people around the globe . Kik messenger was planned to be used as a music app before it created a sms platform where people can text , since it got a lot of users when you users can free text , Kik messenger got lots of traffic of people downloading and using it for texting, after then, it now used as messenger apps that we all using  now .


How to search for friends on kik messenger

Kik messenger app is well designed in a mobile friendly way you use it and understand it so fast, add friends on kik messenger to meet more people , find someone on kik messenger to start up conversations and get along by knowing them.

Find friends and add friends on kik messenger

  • Go to your kik messenger app on your iOS device and android devices.
  • If you don’t have an account ensure you create one and if you have already just log in to your kik messenger apps.
  • At the right cross symbol (+) , where you find the search box , input username of your friend or group you want to find or search on kik messenger.
  • Tap on the friend username and add as friends , your friends will get your notifications add up when they find your request.
  • If you want to add friends from groups , you will have to join the group before you can add anyone on the group who you want to be friend with.
  • They will get notifications of your request when you add them up , ensure you drop a text, (e.g. hi David, nice meeting you , I will like to be friend with you )for fast respond to your text in their chat box.
  • Be careful of who you text on any social media messenger apps.
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