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KOCOWA – Watch Korean TV Shows Online

KOCOWA – Watch Korean TV Shows Online | KOCOWA ROKU – Watch K DRAMA: Watch Korean Movies


Giving the best Korean Tv shows on the entire Korean and Asian movie site, KOCOWA is one of the best to stream and watch Korean tv shows of thousands of kdrama of your choice, their movies are subtitle in English, Portuguese, Spanish. KOCOWA has been the top Korean movie and tv show where people from different countries visit KOCOWA to watch all kinds of romantic and love movies and tv shows on KOCOWA, everyone wants to love again as we all know, movie on KOCOWA will help you gain your heart.


On KOCOWA you can watch the best Korean movies and TV shows, from the lowest collection to the largest collection of Korean tv shows in America on KOCOWA. KOCOWA is a free ads website where you watch Korean movies with no pop-up of ads, different categories are available on KOCOWA that you can find all kinds of KOCOWA movies of Korean and tv shows.  Countries KOCOWA is available are North America and South America, People from other countries can as well watch KOCOWA with ease.


How to watch KOCOWA in other countries

why is KOCOWA not working?

KOCOWA is not available in all countries, you can get the easy ways on how to watch KOCOWA in streaming Korean movies and TV shows if you are not in the USA.

  1. Download Express VPN or Nord VPN.
  2. Install in your mobile device.
  3. Tap on the Toggle to switch on the VPN.
  4. Create an account and choose any country in North America or South America.
  5. Go to your browser, visit KOCOWA website,
  6. Now, watch and stream all kinds of Korean tv shows and movies on your devices and PC.



Categories of genres on KOCOWA

Below are categories where you can watch all kinds of movies and TV shows on KOCOWA, choose any of the below categories, tap on the kind of movie you want to watch on KOCOWA, and watch on your devices and PC.

  • KPOP
  • DOCU


How to search Korean movies on KOCOWA

Thousands of Korean movies and TV shows are available on KOCOWA, KOCOWA updates its platform on a daily basis to ensure their member get new releases of Korean movies. KOCOWA designed their platform very easily with better resolution for users to find all movies clearly on their platform.

  • Go to
  • Login to KOCOWA or create an account with KOCOWA if you don’t have one.
  • After you get accessed to your KOCOWA account.
  • At the right edge of KOCOWA website, you will find the search tool.
  • Tap on it, input the name of the Korean movies or tv shows you want to stream or watch on KOCOWA.
  • Click on the image of the movie you searched for on KOCOWA.
  • Now do the same to the movie you need to watch on KOCOWA, enjoy watching on KOCOWA.


Is KOCOWA free?

Yes KOCOWA is free for only 12 days trial, to enjoy unlimited access you will subscribe and enjoy all Korean movies and TV shows on KOCOWA.

Features of KOCOWA

  • Watch all your favorites Korean movies and tv shows with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast using airplay features.
  • Watch new dramas, classics, variety, documentaries, reality, and k-pop through sources of broadcasters
  • Watch about 10,000+ hours of TV shows and movies on KOCOWA that are all available in different languages and not available anywhere else.


How much does KOCOWA cost?

You can subscribe to KOCOWA annually, monthly, daily to watch all kinds of Korean movies and shows with no Ads, watch all kinds of movies with high-quality content.


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Benefits of Monthly fee on KOCOWA

  • Cost $6.99 monthly.
  • Free from advertisement.
  • 14- day free trial, no need of making payment, start once you have an account.
  • Stress-free automatic renewal.
  • Get unlimited Dramas and TV shows for a month.


Benefits of Yearly fee on KOCOWA

  • It cost $69.99.
  • Free from advertisement.
  • Enjoy two-month discounts.
  • Stress-free automatic renewal.
  • Get unlimited Dramas and TV shows for a year.


Benefits of Daily fee on KOCOWA

  • It cost $09.99.
  • Free from advertisement.
  • Enjoy one payment with no renewal.
  • Stress-free automatic renewal.
  • Get unlimited Dramas and TV shows for 24 hours.
  • Very easy to take risks for trying.



Watch new series of Korean movies and tv shows on KOCOWA Roku, enjoy this if you are a subscriber of KOCOWA, watch hit series, k-pop, and reality on KOCOWA Roku, trial for KOCOWA Roku is 7 days, you can cancel all trials before the end of the trials date if you are not interested in making payment to enjoy full features. Enjoy Korean movies on KOCOWA Roku. Enjoy KOCOWA on Roku live tv channels, watch k dramas on KOCOWA Roku, and on KOCOWA website as well.


K drama Movies on KOCOWA

A lot of K drama movies are available on KOCOWA, findings these movies interesting is why we list them out below, they are a lot to watch and interesting movies on KOCOWA.

  • My strange hero
  • Love with flaws
  • Weightlifting Fairy
  • My love from the star
  • Running man online
  • My love from the star
  • Dr romantic
  • watch extraordinary you






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