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Mashreq bank – How to add beneficiary in Mashreq bank

Mashreq bank – Mashreq online banking | Mashreq bank online


Mashreq bank is best for its best banking all over UAE, Mashreq bank offers a lot of banking opportunities and makes banking easier for their customers, Mashreq bank is around few parts of the world such as Europe, Asia, Asia, Africa, and the US.


You can enjoy the use of Mashreq with the use of their online bank and cards, you can make use of Mashreq bank cards and enjoy a lot of features. Customers will get up to AED 2,000 when they transfer their salary to Mashreq bank, this will serve as a bonus for opening an account with them.


Transaction moves quickly on Mashreq and it exists in 30 destinations, when applying for Mashreq credit cards, you get AED 2,000 cashback. Mashreq offers the best home rate of 2.75% fixed o 3 years and also offers a limited period.


Is Mashreq bank safe?

Yes, Mashreq bank is safe with your information, never share your OTP with a third party, and don’t save your information on any browser to avoid hackers who spam information on the internet database.


No emails will be sent to you by Mashreq about your bank information or details or password, always be careful when dealing with your bank or personal information online.


How to add beneficiary in Mashreq bank

Adding beneficiary for the future transaction can be added on your Mashreq bank beneficiary, how can I add my bank beneficiary on Mashreq bank? you can get this done by adding your friends and family as beneficiaries on your Mashreq bank.

  • Go to your Mashreq bank app or online banking.
  • Log in with your Mashreq login and password.
  • Tap on “Quick remit“.
  • Below “Money transfer” Tap on “Add Beneficiary“.
  • Input the needed information.
  • Verify the new beneficiary addition using OTP that was sent to your registered phone number with Mashreq bank.


How to change mobile number in Mashreq bank

If you lost you phone number you used in registering for Mashreq bank then decide on changing your number, or you find out it is not safe to use your number and you need to change your number, then you get worried asking how do I change my phone number in Mashreq bank?

  • Insert your credit card or debit card in the ATM machine.
  • Select your language.
  • Input your PIN.
  • Select “My profile” from the menu.
  • Select “Mobiel number update”.
  • Enter your “exiting mobile number” you use in registering for Mashreq bank (you old number you used on Mashreq).
  • Tap on enter
  • Input your “New mobile number”“.
  • Tap on enter
  • Select “receipt type”.
  • You will receive an SMS notification immediately after the request is done.
  • You will get all your transaction on your bank through the new mobile number.



How to deposit money in Mashreq atm

Transfer can be done very easily with Mashreq ATM, You can get this done in few seconds.

How to deposit cash in Mahreq ATM

  • Inset your credit card or debit card in the ATM.
  • Tap on deposit.
  • Input 12 digit account number.
  • Confirm your account information.
  • Click on “Cash“.
  • Tap on continue
  • Tap on print.


How to deposit cash with cheque in Mashreq  ATM

  • Inset your credit card or debit card in the ATM.
  • Tap on deposit.
  • Input 12 digit account number.
  • Confirm your account information.
  • Click on “Cheque
  • Input amount on the cheque you want to deposit.
  • Tap on continue.
  • Tap on print.


Mashreq online banking

Mashreq members can access their Mashreq banking platform on their mobile browser or PC browser, you can log in to your online banking platform so fast on your browser, make sure you keep your information away from the third party, it is not advisable to save your bank information password on your browser, just login directly and don’t save your password if the browser requested you to do so.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Input your username for your Mashreq bank.
  • Input your password for your Mashreq bank.
  • Click on sign in.
  • Now you are in, enjoy your Mashreq online banking with your browser on your phone or PC.

Ensure you keep your details safe from online scammers and third party

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Mashreq credit card

Mashreq bank credit and debit cards are easy to use and can be used anywhere in the UAE. Mashreq bank has various credit cards and debit cards such as Solitaire credit card, Platinum Elite credit card, Cashback card credit card, Noon VIP credit card, and platinum debit card.


Solitaire credit card

Enjoying offers using solitaire Mashreq credit card with discount cost in cinemas, valet parking, airport transfers & global airport lounge access, you enjoy 50% using solitaire credit cards.


Platinum Elite credit card

Enjoying offers using Platinum Elite credit card with discount cost in cinemas, airport transfers & global airport lounge access, you enjoy 50% using solitaire credit cards.


Cashback card credit card

Enjoying offers using Cashback card credit card with 5% cashback on UAE dining spends, 1% cashback on other local spends, 2% cashback on non-AED spends with no any annual charges or fee.


Noon VIP credit card

Enjoying offers using Noon VIP credit cards you get 1% cashback on all your spending, 3.50% cashback at noon, NowNow, noon, and Sivvi with no annual charges or fee.


Platinum debit card

Enjoying offers using platinum debit card all over the globe, platinum debit cards give a high everyday basis withdrawal limit of AED 20, 000 per day.


Mashreq bank app

Using Mashreq bank is very fast, safe, and secure with your information, Mashreq app operates like the browser as well, you can use the app to make a transfer within Mashreq. You can download the Mashreq app easily on iPhone, Android, Huawei.


You can add up your Mashreq debit and credit cards on your Apple pay, Samsung pay to help you access easy payment through Samsung mobile. You can as well pay easily using Mashreq with google pay.


Mashreq credit card customer care

You can make any complaint to Mashreq customer care by reaching out to them on their mobile number, they are ready to answer your questions, they work 24/7 service to make sure they solve customer problems. Reach them on +9714 424 4444


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