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mozilla vpn review

Mozilla VPN review – Mozilla VPN free | Free VPN


Mozilla VPN review: Mozilla VPN, go through Mozilla VPN review which was developed together with this project, a fully complete virtual private network that encrypts users whole device’s traffic. The entire, Mozilla VPN delayed down users’ Android more than it did users iPhone. Though, users did not go through some technical difficulties at the time of the speed tests with the iOS device; users weren’t able to check the upload speed at the period the VPN was on, so users data isn’t complete, to their disappointment


Also, as soon as the VPN was ready for download in July 2020, users were on it, trying to test out their service for its speed, security, and general trustworthiness, due to the fact when it arrives in their online data, users don’t take any chances.


Overall Rating
  • $4.99 per month
  • Provided in the U.S, U.K, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada
  • It operates with Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices along with macOS and Linux compatibility on the way.



Advantages of Mozilla VPN
  • Price: Mozilla VPN only costs $4.99 a month, which can be learned on the Mozilla VPN pricing page by clicking on HERE.
  • End switch: iOS app came with the end switch enabled, That would’ve been similar on Windows devices. Together with android, Though, users had to turn the end switch on manually.
  • WireGuard encryption1: This open-sourced encryption method is both high speed and highly secure.


Disadvantages of Mozilla VPN



Apart from other VPNs that have been tested out with multiple and confusing subscription options, Mozilla VPN kept it short and interesting: their service costs $4.99 a month, with no other plans ready. With 24 percent of Americans making use of VPNs and counting, according to their data security statistics, to know more click on HERE, Special appreciation goes to Mozilla for keeping it affordable. Also, one subscription involves five simultaneous connections, which isn’t the largest that has been seen but should be sufficient coverage for a lot of people.



  • Speed: The entire, Mozilla VPN delayed down users’ Android more than it did users iPhone. Though, They go through some technical difficulties during the period of the speed tests together with the iOS device; they were not able to check the upload speed at the time the VPN was on, so their data isn’t complete, to their disappointment.
iPhone 8 Plus Android Moto G6 Play
Ping without VPN (in ms) 27 19
Ping with VPN (in ms) 47 25
Ping Difference 74% 31%
Macbook Download Speed without VPN (in Mbps) 41.9 123
Download Speed with VPN (in Mbps) 40.89 23.2
Download difference (in %) -2.40% -81%
Upload Speed without VPN (in Mbps) 49.6 22.6
Upload Speed with VPN (in Mbps) Unknown 21.2
Upload difference n/a -6%



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Mozilla VPN’s iOS app to its Android app, and other customers accept with them, at least as stated to the ratings on the Google Play store. At the time the iOS app was simple to manage, with a clear switch to turn the VPN on and off and a dropdown menu for server locations, the Android app left much to be wanted. They found that the VPN lost connection a few times, which would’ve been a problem that they might have not known to enable the end switch. Unfortunately, the app’s Google Play ratings show their experience with a rating of only 2.3 out of five stars overall. Definitely, the apps aren’t arranged in stone so we decide on improvements as Mozilla updates its software.


FYI: A lot of Android users, also with them, have had issues linking it to Mozilla VPN, which is why they recommend the iOS app over the Android app. For better options for Android users, check the list of the best VPNs for Android.



Mozilla VPN Details

Price $4.99 per month
IP addresses Dynamic
Netflix Available on some servers
Torrenting Yes
Kill switch Yes
Split tunneling Yes
Multi-hop No
Encryption Wireguard
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